Top 3 Work From Home Essentials

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Many of us had to adjust to working from home. The sheer unpredictability of recent years has restricted us from turning our primarily comfort-focused homes into efficient and professional workspaces.  

Making work productive and consistent is difficult at home. You can make work interesting by adding some really fun and cool elements to feel good about working. Maybe you could get a personalized insulated water bottle or a very comfortable chair! There can be many essentials to set up your working space, but here are the top 3 which you can implement.  

1. Tea/Coffee Mug 

Pouring yourself a hot drink in the morning is one of the best motivations to get out of bed. A personalized mug for this purpose can bring a smile to your face every time you glance at the content mentioned on it.  

Moreover, caffeine boosts mental focus and alertness. It also positively affects brain cells rendering you happier. Adding a special touch to your routine shifts and brightens your day.  

After all, you don't want to make a monochrome sea of lifeless things in your working space. Nobody can be creative in work by being boring. Also, you need breaks regularly, so why not perk up your desk with colorful, fun, and well-designed personalized mugs! 

2. Comfortable Chair 

If you choose to sit for work, make sure it is comfortable and adjustable. You may get very irritated by a stiff kitchen chair through long-hour meetings and sessions.  

Make sure that your chair has a generous amount of padding and is slightly curved so that you can sit upright. Look for chairs that have comfortable armrests. If the seat rests on wheels, you can move around a little too.  

3. Personalized Water Bottle 

Another fun element to add to your work desk is a personalized water bottle. Hydration is the symbol of life. It improves the balance of electrolytes, removes toxins from the body, and gives you a good sleep. But this still does not justify the use of personalized Water bottles! 

You might already know that scientifically drinking more water helps to concentrate more. So how to bring yourself to drink more water? Here comes the use of "personalized" bottles. You can make drinking water exciting by adding attractive designs to your bottle. Flavor your water to make yourself sip more.  

The second way is to add your achievements and goals as quotes on your bottle. If you glance at it when you are frustrated, you will want to stop, take a sip, and recharge yourself with even more energy. Unlike coffee and tea, This process can be repeated many times because an overdose of caffeine is unhealthy. You can customize your bottle capacity to fit your needs with personalized insulated water bottles. Ultimately you will be hydrated, active, and remarkably more productive. 


If you are looking for a promising online store for your personalized cups and water bottles, here is a suggestion. Jiurui is a personalized water bottle/Cup manufacturer in China which offers stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic material choices. They also provide promotional water bottles and quality assurance. Refer to Wuyi Jiurui's website to know more. 

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