Water Bottle for Sports

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What is the most important thing for keep your body health? There are many answers, such as eat healthy, early to bed early to rise, keep in a good mood and so on. We think the most important thing to keep your body health is keep do sports in daily life. Researches show that do sports is beneficial to body function. Such as brisk walking is known to be good for the heart, which makes a lot of sense. Jogging is good for rhinitis. Playing basketball when you are young can make the body grow taller. So, do sports is one of most important thing for keep body health. We Wuyi Jiurui Housewares produce many kinds of stainless steel sports bottle water for people, Because a good sports bottle water can help you exercise effectively. You may know many kinds of sports bottle in the market, but maybe not sure which bottle is better, so, Let me introduce you our sports bottle water to help you do sports well. Because we Wuyi Jiurui housewares is specialized produce sports bottler water.




Stainless steel Vacuum insulated wide mouth sport bottle

This is one of our best seller sports bottle water, the material is stainless steel 18/8, and it is double wall vacuum insulated. Keep hot water hot 6 hours and keep cold water cold 12 hours. And the wide mouth is loved by people. When you do sports you will feel thirsty and need to gulping down water, the wide mouth of the bottle is useful. We desire different lid for this wide mouth sports bottle, the basic lid is stainless steel screw cap with bamboo, and we also have the PP lid with straw. All is for your like. The lid with straw is more convenient when you outside to do some sports.



•Wholesale Big Volume Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Sports Water Bottle

The big volume double wall sports bottle water is loved by people. It have three volume, 350ML,500ML and 550ML. And it also vacuum insulate, keep water hot and cold about 6-12 hours. It has many surface treatment for the sports bottle, such as spray painting, powder coating, water transfer, air transfer and so on.




•Gift Promotion Stainless Steel Vacuum Sports Bottle with Sucker

This is sports bottle water is popular with people, it’s double wall insulated and the lid with sucker in the bottle. And have two volume, 500 ML and 750ML, a big volume water bottle too. Meet your need to drink lots of water. It has competitive price and high quality.



We Wuyi jiurui have many kinds of sports bottle water, welcome to visit our website to view the products. And hope you can keep to do sports in daily life to keep your body health.


Any question please contact us by email: sales01@jiuruihousewares.com 

WhatsApp: +86-17757995120

Website: www.jiuruihousewares.com   www.yerbamatecup.com 

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