4 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Tumblers Are The Best Drinkware

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A tumbler is an essential item that you need to carry when you are traveling or backpacking. After all, it contains the most vital life force to sustain you – water. However, you can carry any liquid food worth preserving in tumblers. Being leak-proof and airtight makes them ideal for activities like hiking.

Stainless steel tumblers are all the rage among travel enthusiasts and adventure-loving people for good reason. The sturdiness and strength of stainless steel are unparalleled. Drinkware made of stainless steel keeps your water or beverage secure so that you get to enjoy your trip wholeheartedly without worrying about leakage.

Let’s look at some remarkable factors that make stainless steel tumblers a better choice than glass or plastic tumblers:

  • Lasts an Eternity: Stainless steel is shatter-proof. It can last a lifetime without breaking. This inherent quality of stainless steel makes it the best choice for outdoorsy people. It is interesting to note that even the lightest varieties of steel are tougher than other alternatives like glass, ceramic, or plastic.
    Glass and ceramic containers are extremely unstable, and more so while traveling. They can break because of the slightest stimulation. Moreover, their broken pieces can even cause accidents. This makes them potentially hazardous. Plastic is prone to depletion after repeated use; no such problems are encountered with stainless steel.
  • Doesn't Leach Chemicals into the Liquid: Recent studies have unearthed the presence of toxic compounds like Phthalates and BPA in the linings of plastic containers. These chemicals can get leached into the water under some conditions. BPA in particular has been known to be cancer-causing. This has shocked the health community and health-conscious people alike.
    Therefore, more and more people are starting to prefer stainless steel containers because steel is non-toxic and doesn't require a lining. Even if hot fluids are poured into a steel container, it don't leach any harmful chemicals into them. Also, steel is inert to acidic drinks, and this makes it the ideal material for drinkware as the taste and purity of the water remain unaffected.
  • Easy Maintenance: As its name suggests, stainless steel doesn’t stain or rust. It also doesn’t involve the risk of breaking if dropped from slippery hands while washing. Stainless steel tumblers require minimal maintenance and care.
  • Eco-friendly: This point is probably the most crucial factor that makes steel a better alternative than plastic for tumblers. We are all aware of the environmental hazards of plastic disposal. When thrown away carelessly, plastic might end up polluting our water bodies and soil. From there, it can enter the digestive tracts of animals as well as humans.
    The reusability and recyclability of stainless steel make it favorable to the environment. Also, one stainless steel tumbler goes a long way, unlike a plastic one that needs to be replaced frequently. Thus, the environment is degraded every time plastic is thrown away.

We can therefore say that stainless steel is agreeable to not only humans but our planet too.

Jiurui Housewares
Jiurui Housewares is a flourishing company in China specializing in stainless steel vacuum flasks, aluminum bottles, and plastic bottles. They are a burgeoning group of stainless steel tumbler manufacturers. Their sales network is spread all around the globe, including countries in North America, South-East Asia, and Europe.

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