Jiurui Shinny Stainless Steel Tumbler-Personalized Tumbler

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As all we know, Our bodies need enough water,or we will feel sick! That makes us to drink plenty of water to ensure our usual activity.Buying bottled water is expensive and not great for health and environmental reasons. Whether you're bringing water on your commute or to the gym, we love stainless steel bottles because they are lightweight and there are tons options.


Some are insulated in case you want to add ice or drink something hot in the winter. Options also abound for styles of topics (sports, straw, pour spouts, twist off bottles...etc) and sizes, so there's definitely something out there that will work for you. And of course there are so many colors, so you can find something that expresses your personality and style. We find that an attractive water bottle definitely helps us remember to hydrate more throughout the day. The Jiurui Housewares stainless steel water bottles are well reviewed, varieties of shapes for your options, you can easily find your favourite ones and something that you can bring with you everywhere.

During all the Jiurui stainless steel water bottles we have one item named shinny stainless steel tumbler, it’s a personalized tumbler.The Jiurui housewares 20 oz stainless steel skinny tumbler,with stretched inner tank,include a PP push transparent lid, a 8mm diameter straight straw made of 304 food grade stainless steel for your option. You can take it as personalized gift for bride, bridal party, birthday, Mother's Day, and Teacher’s Day! The Jiurui shinny stainless steel tumbler can design the surface by yourself-thermal dye sublimation printing.

This 20oz shinny stainless steel tumbler usually prepared as white hot sublimation cup,and you can make your design go to realize to the surface of white cup by the dye sublimation process. This is very suitable for someone who does personalized business in shop mall, personalized gift store,or night market. You only need a thermal sublimation printing machine and enough stock of the jiurui shinny stainless steel tumbler.


We are sure all the stainless steel water bottles that produced by jiurui housewares, you will get the best competitive price,and excellent after-sale service. More products please vistit our website:



Any questions please feel free to connect with us via e-mail sales02@jiuruihousewares.com 


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