New Mugs For Beer Made Of Stainless Steel

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There are a lot of types of beer mug in the world. And the beer mugs made of glass is very popular for its feature: good transparency and delicate pattern, It’s a visual impact for the glass beer mugs filled with beer and beer bubbles. Actually,we can enjoyed this only in a particular occasion,such as at home or in a bar. Once we outdoors ,the glass beer mugs are not so conveniently to take away.

Now there is a new beer mug help you to solve the problem,it’s the stainless steel beer mugs ,the material is the food grade 304 stainless steel, double wall with vacuum,lid ,some with the opener let you open the beer easily without to prepare additional opener, and for the big capacity beer mug we fitted a comfortable grip to help you enjoy the happiness as the glass one. Our jiurui housewares beer mugs made of stainless steel have its feature can’t be instead:


From the first gulp to the last sip, the jiurui insulated beer stein keeps your brew refreshingly chilled. The secret behind the thirst-quenching thermal insulation? Vacuum insulated double walls that keep drinks hot for up to 1 hour, cold for up to 5 hours, and chilled for a whopping 20 hours. And with a large capacity of 24oz, you’ll have the power to empty 2 cans at a time and cut down trips to the beer cooler or fridge in the kitchen.


It’s the insulated beer stein that’s made its way into outdoor folklore. The beer stein cup that’s crossed paths with speeding bullets, category 5 hurricanes, and 4000ft drops and lived to drop jaws another day. It’s the Stanley Adventure Beer Stein! Made of 18/8 stainless steel and crafted to last a lifetime, this is more than just a mug – it’s a rugged heirloom. Whatever you throw at it, this legend will handle it.


Whether you’re hanging out at that backyard BBQ, sipping on some ale out in the wild, or cooling down with a lager in the pool, this insulated metal beer stein makes every sip an adventure in comfort. You’ll love the feel of the extra-large handle; a big grip that gives you a firm grasp through the most raucous of toasts. And thanks to the double-walled insulation, the exterior of this insulated drinking mug stays sweat-free as you enjoy a cold one.


The Jiurui Big Grip beer mug is what every gift dreams of being when they grow up: practical, durable, and a recipe for countless compliments. Christmas, birthday, or anything in between, this insulated stein is just what you need to crown the occasion. That beer lover won’t just be blown away by the temperature retention, they’ll relish the ease of cleaning. This bad boy is dishwasher safe and can be quickly rinsed courtesy of the smooth interior.


We promised to provide rugged, capable gear for food and drink - accessories built to last a lifetime. Jiurui products purchased from jiuruihousewares come with a lifetime warranty. So, whether it’s an epic hiking adventure out in the wild, a fishing trip with hopes of reeling in a prized Muskie, or the day-to-day grind navigating the urban jungle, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back through it all.




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