The Tale of Tumbling Tumblers

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The story of tumblers goes back to the 17th century when people drank alcohol as if there was no tomorrow. The 17th century was a remarkable period for alcohol consumers since it witnessed the introduction of Gin and sparkling wine. Along with this, the majority of Europe became a hub for distilled wine supply for the West. In the midst of all this, the tumbler glass was invented. It was unlike any other glass on the market. It had a pointed bottom that would make everything spill if kept on the table. This gave it its name, the tumbler glass.  

History of tumblers 

Tumblers are an exciting piece of art. They were designed to sell more alcohol because these glasses prevented consumers from keeping them on the table and made them finish the drink within one go. It was initially made out of wood, later as rich people's demands grew; it was made with glass and stainless steel with all kinds of royal designs on the outer layer. The wealthy took tumblers a step further by having them made in gold and silver.  

Relevance in today's world 

Tumblers are so popular that a modern-day political party in India, the Jana Sena party, accepted the tumbler as their party symbol. It was awarded to them by the Election Commission. Pawan Kalyan, the party president, also revealed that the tumbler reminded him of his childhood and brought back memories from the past.  

Modern tumblers 

Present-day tumblers don't tumble. Instead, they are made with a flat bottom. One would question the need to call flat bottomed glasses tumblers. The answer to that would be that the name corresponds to the two glasses' size and not how they behave. Vintage recipes accepted the word tumbler for cups, which is why modern short glasses are referred to as tumblers.  

Impact on environment  

Modern-day tumblers are an ideal alternative to plastic glasses that pose a threat to the environment. Modern tumbler glasses are made from stainless steel; hence they are more sustainable and do not pose a threat to the climate, unlike plastic glasses.  

The fact that tumblers are reusable makes them a much better choice than plastic glasses. They even come as insulated containers which work as a bottle to keep cold drinks cold and as a thermal mug to keep a hot drink hot. From a simple wooden container to these advanced glasses, tumblers have been the most preferred type of glasses worldwide, even today. 

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