Case Share: Stainless Steel Spray Bottle Inquiry

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Team: Wuyi Jiurui     Date: 22nd, Mar. 2021


From last year till now, we’ve received several inquiries on stainless steel spray bottle which is used to put sanitizer or liquid soap. In the past, people use plastic spray bottle to hold sanitizer or liquid soap, but now buyers prefer stainless steel spray bottle to hold sanitizer or liquid soap for more consideration on environment sustainable development. The following we are going to share an inquiry which we received on February, 2021.


Let’s start from the first e-mail for this inquiry. The words beginning from Shelley is our reply to customer’s questions.


From: Cherry

Date: 2021-02-16 18:59

To: Shelley-Jiurui Stainless Bottle

Subject: Enquiry - stainless steel bottles


Hi Shelley


How are you?


My name is Cherry and I am based in Australia. I am looking for a company that can help produce stainless steel bottles.


Could you tell me: 


- Do you offer stainless steel spray bottles and stainless steel soap dispenser bottles (I can only see drink bottles on your website)? 

[Shelley:] We can produce body bottle of soap dispenser bottle for you, and will match spray lid for you. Usually the spray lid material is plastic.

- Do you offer bottles made of recycled stainless steel (i.e. I am looking for a more environmentally friendly option)?

[Shelley:] Yes, our stainless steel bottle is recycled. You can choose food grade 304 stainless steel material.

- Is your company able to manufacture custom designed bottles?

[Shelley:] Yes, we can manufacture your custom designed bottles. Show us your industrial 3D design file, we will quote you mold cost and unit cost.

- Is there a minimum order requirement?

[Shelley:] Yes, there is, it's usually 3000pcs/color/design.

- What is the average cost of a stainless steel bottle by your company, and shipping cost to Sydney, Australia?

[Shelley:] Our stainless steel bottle includes single wall bottle and double wall bottle. Different bottle volume, the cost is also different.

Price ranges from 1.5usd to 10usd or even more.

Shipping cost from China to Australia we will check with our forwarder. 

By the way, how many quantity do you plan to buy for soap dispenser bottles?



After several messages to and from, we have following discussion in further.



Hi Shelley


Please see my comments in below.


Sorry for the confusion, I did mean your white spray cap, not the one in my photo. My photo was only to show how small the black spray cap size is.

 [Shelley:]  Thank you, noted well.


I understand not sharing about client info with another client. This is not a problem.

On your website there are some international clients listed – are these your current clients? If so, I can check out their website and their photos to get better look of the bottles you supply? 

[Shelley:] These customers some are not our direct clients, we do business with them through trading company. Customized bottle clients we will not put them on website. We recommend you to take sample for quality checking, it's the most effective way.

Cherry: Are you able to explain the process with the sample? For example, am I taking a sample of your standard bottle, or am I taking a sample of the bottle which you have customized for me (i.e. using new mold to match the lids) together with the lids?

If it is the customized bottle, do I pay for the mold cost first? 

[Shelley:] Yes, you need to pay the mold cost first.

Your project is customized project, so our standard bottle sample makes little sense on this project.

For customized project, the usual process is as below.

1. We sign NDA/NNN with you.

2. You send us the finished 3D file for checking.

3. We make feedback on your design based on Design For Manufacturability.

4. You refine the design and we quote you unit cost and mold cost.

5. You pay the mold fee.

6. Mold production and sample test.

7. Sample confirmation and order confirmation.

8. Mass production.


I do have more questions, more on the details:


  1. For single walled bottle, 500mL size, can I know the approximate cost per bottle? (The two designs above: wide month, and standard mouth)  

[Shelley:] Above SWELL bottle is double wall vacuum insulated bottle. Price one is about 3usd, the other is about 4usd based on brand requirements for 500ml under FOB Ningbo.

Cherry: Is the 3usd and 4usd prices for double wall vacuum SWELL and RTIC bottles? 

[Shelley:] Yes, you are right.

How about just the single wall 500ml bottles, but in the same style/shape as the SWELL and RTIC bottles in the pictures? Are they the same as these bottles I’ve attached below (my preferred styles from your website)?

[Shelley:] Different bottle has different price. 500ml single wall bottle price range is between 2-3usd/pc. That depends.

Does FOB Ningbo mean shipping cost to Australia (freight shipped by sea), packaging etc is included in the price already? à Sorry, I am new in this and don’t know how this works, appreciate your guidance.

[Shelley:] FOB price is not including shipping freight to Australia by sea. FOB price means we pay all the costs including the inland fee to Ningbo(China) port.

And do you know the price for the spray lids and stainless steel soap pump lid (any luck searching more designs for the soap pump lid?)

[Shelley:] Current options are like those. We will check lids price for you.


  1.        You previously mentioned the MOQ is usually 3000pcs/colour/design. How strict is this? For example, is it possible for me to order the same design in 4 colours, Or 2 bottle designs?

[Shelley:] We can only support you 1 design with 2 colors, which means same design 1500pcs/color. 

Cherry: Noted, thank you.


  1.        Do you offer different bottle weights (I see some brands saying their bottles are light-weight)? 

[Shelley:] Yes, we know that, but that is for double wall vacuum insulated water bottle, the producing craft is different. But your bottle purpose is to put liquid detergent, and it's single wall, no need such special craft. 

Cherry: Noted, thank you. Can I know the approximate weight of the single wall 500ml bottles (as pictured)? 

[Shelley:] about 140g for our current 500ml stainless steel single wall bottle.


  1.        As you know I am after bottles with matching foaming soap pump lid and spray lid – and this requires Jiurui to open new mold to match the lids.

[Shelley:]  Yes, correct.


  1.        Will opening the mold have additional charge – if yes, how much please? 

[Shelley:] Yes, have mold cost, need you to confirm the bottle shape, then will have the mold cost.

Cherry: My preference is these two styles below – would you be able to supply the dimensions for the 500mL bottles in both styles please (height, diameter, etc)?   

[Shelley:] Left: 6.7*24.5cm  Right: 7.3*23.5cm (with handle)

You mentioned you do customized bottles for other clients – Is opening a new mold for a completely new shape bottle the same/similar cost and process as opening a new  mold just to change the bottle opening to match the lids?

[Shelley:] it's different. If buy current lids to match, we only need to open body part mold. Some of our clients will open new mold both for lid and body of bottle. Lid mold is more expensive than body mold.

  1.        If the lids are different sizes (i.e. you have to open 2 molds), does it mean I have to order 2 x 3000pcs (for each types of mouths)?    

[Shelley:] Yes,open 2 molds, and each mold MOQ 3000pcs, we support 2 colors for each mold each MOQ. 

Cherry: Noted, thank you.


  1.        Do you know if the stainless steel foaming soap lid has the same type of opening as the white spray lid – so Jiurui only needs to open 1 mold and get 1 design (mouth) for the 2 different lids?  

[Shelley:] We think no, it needs 2 molds, as bottle mouth is different. 

Cherry: Noted, thank you. Would be good if there is a suitable soap pump lid that has the same opening as the spray lid. Do you think it is possible to find one? Maybe there is a standard size for lids that most producers follow? 

[Shelley:] We think the possibility is very small, as our bottle neck is different with those plastic version which matches with current pump lid or spray lid.And keep bump lid and spray lid with same opening, it's also with small possibility.But we will check for you on it.


  1.        For 3000 pcs order, do you know how much shipping is to Sydney, Australia and how long it usually takes to arrive?  

[Shelley:] by sea or by air ? 

Cherry: Can I know for both please? 

[Shelley:] Let us check for you.


  1.        How does Jiurui package the bottles? Individual boxes or all in a large box? Do they come wrapped in plastic? Is there an alternative we can use to avoid using plastic (my new business is about being environmentally friendly and avoiding plastic)?  

[Shelley:] Yes, we offer paper instead of polybag to wrap the bottle, and then into an individual white box, then into an export master carton. 

Cherry: Good to know there is a paper option. Thank you.


  1.         Does Jiurui offer different packaging options (i.e. print client’s logo etc on the packaging boxes)?  

[Shelley:] Yes, we can customize color box for you, just offer us your design in .ai file, we will customize it for you. 

Cherry: Noted, and will there be a charge for this service, if so, what does it usually cost please? 

[Shelley:] If your color box qty reaches 3000pcs/design, and you offer us your design, then there is no extra charge.


  1.        How often does the BSCI factory audit takes place? Is it yearly?  

[Shelley:] Yes, yearly. 1 year 1 time audit. We are going to audit this April. 

Cherry: Great, looking forward to reading the updated audit report 

[Shelley:] Sure, when we get it, we will show you.


More cases are being updated. If any customizable project on stainless steel water bottle or stainless steel tumbler and want to make your unique design come true, please don’t hesitate to contact with us immediately at E-maill: We are ready to assist you and expect to work with you in coming days.




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