Jiurui Stainless Steel Bottle Make Your Picnic More Enjoyable

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Doesn’t a picnic sound fun and relaxing right about now? Any day is a picnic day, whether which season it is! It’s the hot summer in china and temperature is reached 41 degree. Most of people select to stay at home and enjoy air conditioning to make themself comfortable. But during the summer holiday, how is it possible not to play with water? Of course not. We usually find a safety place by the crook,about a small talk to friends or family sit together,both relaxed day fatigue, and enhance the relationship between family and friends. All of us will take the children together with us ,then the children can play with each other and can develop friendship at the same time. What a wonderful thing!


The beverages and water is necessary for a picnic. How do you to carry the beverages? Maybe some people will say: we can take the bottled water,and take the beverages with its original package. Yes,this is a option. But most of the bottled water are plastic bottle, and the bottles of the beverages are glass. And all of us knows the plastic bottle and the glass bottles can’t stay the drinks at the best temperature, the drinks temperature will affected by the environment temperature. It don’t matter is the warm spring or comfortable autumn,but it’s not a wise choice in a cold winter or hot summer and also those people who like to drink ice beverages or hot drinks. Our Jiurui stainless steel water bottles can help you to solve the problem.

Our Jiurui Housewares professional manufacture variety of stainless steel water bottles and tumblers, suitable for all the occasion. For the picnic you can select the capacity according to the amount in need. We have the capacity from 12oz to 67oz. We liked to chill the beverages ahead of time,then pour the drinks into the double wall stainless steel insulation bottles . If you like some delicious soup, you also can prepare it before set out, carry it with the double wall stainless steel stainless steel water tumblers or bottles with large mouth. The wonderful and enjoyable picnic trip begin! Everyone in this trip can enjoy the best drinks, or iced,or warm ,or hot, just spend a great holiday!

All the Jiurui double wall stainless steel water bottles or tumblers are insulated,and can hold cold or hot 1-6 hours,the vacuum ones even can hold 12-24 hours. This is means if you purchase the double wall stainless steel water bottles with vacuum technique, you can enjoy your short trip(such as picnic) without prepare ice or heating furnace.

All the stainless steel water bottles are easy to clean with a clean brush and some detergent,and durable is the feature, you can reuse the bottles only need to wash it clean,and it is very easy to maintain,for it is made of stainless steel.

Jiurui stainless steel water bottles can bring you a wonder and enjoyable life. More shapes of the stainless steel water bottles please visit our Web:



Email: sales02@jiuruihosuewares.com


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