A Deep Insight into insulated Tumbler and 5 advantages of bringing it to work

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Nowadays, everyone needs coffee or tea to get through the day. According to a National Coffee Association survey from 2020, 87% of millennials regularly drink tea, whereas 64% of adults consume coffee. Given these startling figures, tumbler cups should be on everyone's list of necessary office supplies as a continual stream of hot beverages to sustain the modern world. So, what’s a tumbler cup? Let’s dive in.

What is a Tumbler Cup?

It's simple to enjoy any beverage on the go, from hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate to cold drinks like sports drinks, with a insulated tumbler with straw. Hence, it's important to choose a tumbler from a trusted company. For instance, the Iron Flask series of tumblers feature a BPA-free plastic cover with a mouthpiece that makes it simple to access beverages whether you're moving around or sitting at a desk. Below is the reason to opt for a tumbler cup.

What Purpose Does a Tumbler Cup Serve?

Make the most of your lunch breaks by spending a small amount of money on a stainless steel tumbler, a necessary item for drinking hot or cold beverages when travelling, at home, or in the office.

With each sip, the stainless steel straw offers a clean flavour and hassle-free access to beverages. The BPA-free plastic straws, included with tumbler cups, give you additional flexibility when you're on the go and need quick, cold hydration.

Vacuum-insulated stainless steel also retains hot temperatures for several hours, which is better than a conventional glass coffee mug or tea cup. That being said, let’s discuss five reasons to bring your insulated tumbler to work.

Why Should You Bring Your Insulated Tumbler to Work?

Here are some other justifications for why we suggest purchasing a stainless steel tumbler if you're building a list of things to take for a business trip or need to upgrade your home office necessities:

1. The best material for tumbler cups is stainless steel

Thanks to cutting-edge double-walled vacuum insulation technology, stainless steel tumbler glasses can keep drinks warm for four hours and cold for up to sixteen hours. The finest material for a coffee tumbler is lightweight stainless steel owing to its durability and portability.

2. Sustainable and green

It’s easy to be sustainable now with stainless steel tumbler glasses in your work bag basics. Despite the convenience of drive-through coffee, insulated tumblers are more environmentally friendly than single-use coffee cups. 

In actuality, the entire go-to coffee cup poses a risk to both the environment and public health. These single-use plastics are harmful to humans and animals, and because you cannot recycle them, they wind up in landfills or the ocean.

3. Reduce costs

Having coffee with coworkers is a wonderful method to help manage stress and get past the workday. But given that the price of each drink can range from a few dollars to more, these coffee breaks can quickly pile up and put a serious strain on your resources. A cappuccino or latte usually costs between $4 and $5 if you get coffee every day, which over several months may easily amount to hundreds of dollars. 

4. Whenever and wherever secure coffee

Although single-use coffee cups are practical, they are also flimsy and easily damaged by spills if you're not careful. In contrast, reusable stainless steel travel mugs are designed for durability and heavy use while remaining light for simple transportation and storage. 

5. Drip-free

When consuming hot beverages, it's crucial to have a drip-free, snug-fitting plastic top and an incredibly robust stainless steel body to ensure safety and convenience while you're out and about.

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