Wide-Mouth Sport Water Bottles-Your Fitness Partner

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What do you will prepare if you go to do sport? Comfortable gym outfit, suitable gym shoes, and appropriate sport water bottle. But,  

we know we’re not the only one who find motivation in buying a new gym outfit, new shoes or even a new sports drink bottle (whatever works, right?). Here at Jiurui housewares we are ready to help whenever and however we can. We know that motivation can be found anywhere and when we know a product works we can’t help but talk about it.

What makes our exercise water bottle hydrate better than others?

Designed for active and busy people, our insulated sport water bottles are made with premium food grade stainless steel, which makes it resistant to oxidation and corrosions(basically you’re not going to get that strange metal taste in any of our reusable water bottles.) Our bottles are also BPA Free, toxin free and eco-friendly. In short our water bottles will become your new companion in hydration.


Created for sport lovers,kids and people always on the go our active water bottle feature and insulated stainless steel design that ensure liquid will stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Available in tree different sizes(350ml ,500mland 750ml) and a range of stylish colors Jiurui housewares got your back.


Jiurui wide-mouth stainless steel water bottles can keep your hots hot for up to 12 hours and your colds cold for up to 24 hours. Well, we put that to the test, and left hot water in one bottle and ice water in another and checked in on them at 12 and 24 hours,


Jiurui wide-mouth stainless steel water bottles serials excellent performance in durability. They can definitely take a hit and come out on the other side unscathed. In a clumsy moment, we dropped ours on a sidewalk, but we were delighted to find that there was no dent. It’s also worth mentioning that we were using the flex sip lid when we dropped the bottle, and it also survived the fall completely unmarked.


We love that Jiurui wide-mouth stainless steel water bottles come in all kinds of colors and that they’re compatible with an extensive collection of accessories. The wide-mouth water bottles don’t come in Jiurui water bottles signature bright colors, but the metallics they’re offered in look modern and stylish. The whole series include 350ml, 500ml and 750ml three capacity, which means you can pair them with any of the wide-mouth lids that jiurui water bottles offers. We couldn’t decide on just one, so we got all the lids. The bamboo Lid, straw lid,and stainless steel Lid have been our favorites, If there is no requirement we will take the stainless steel lid as reference. And the wide-mouth water bottles are thin enough to put into your camping bag or Hiking bag side pocket to carry easily.

Remember Wuyi Jiurui Houseware Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel water bottles, and we are a superior supplier. We support OEM/ODM, we are your strong backing!

Website: www.jiuruihousewares.com 


Email:  sales02@jiuruihosuewares.com

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