Yerba Mate Gourd: Magic in A Bowl

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Yerba mate is the most up-and-coming drink that is made from the dried leaves and twigs of Ilex paraguariensis trees. It is a healthier alternative to coffee, having just the right amount of caffeine mixed with the goodness of chocolate. 

There are certain steps to be followed while drinking the yerba mate from the gourd that makes the whole process a lot more fun: 

  1.  You take one or two spoons of the loose yerba mate in the gourd and add a bit of cold water to preserve its nutrients. 
  2.  Then, add hot boiling water to it. Now, the amount of water to add depends on how intense you want the drink to be.  

  3. Mix it and experience total bliss.  
You Can enjoy its Health Benefits by Drinking it from a Yerba Mate Gourd

How you take your mate depends on your taste buds; you can add some sugar or have it cold too. It is a traditional South American drink. If you see yerba mate gourds for sale, you must buy one for yourself. A yerba mate gourd helps bring out yerba mate’s caffeine strength of coffee, the richness and joy of chocolate topped with the health benefits of tea.  

It is advisable to get yerba mate wholesale because you will definitely switch to it once you sip it.  

The Health Benefits of Yerba Mate
  • Helps in Staying Energized 

Yerba mate contains 85mg of caffeine. It is a lot like coffee but tastes similar to tea. The amount of caffeine in Yerba mate is lesser than coffee but more than tea. Because of the caffeine levels, it helps you stay energized and, in turn, makes you feel fresher and less tired.  

  • It Helps in Staying Focused 

Much like our common caffeinated drinks, yerba mate helps affect certain signalling molecules in your head, which in turn helps in staying focused.  

  • It Helps in Losing Weight

Yerba mate is known to increase the metabolism rate of your body. It helps in increasing the amount of stored fat that is burned to gain energy. 

  • A Healthier Alternative to Coffee and Tea

Yerba mate has all the good qualities of coffee and tea. The yerba mate plant contains vitamins and minerals required for a sustainable lifestyle. It is a high-energy infusion and a more balanced caffeinated beverage. 

  • Rich in Culture

Yerba mate was traditionally a symbol of friendship. Yerba mate’s culture is as rich as its flavor; it has its own community spread worldwide and increases with time.

  • Helps in Increasing Physical Performance

Yerba mate is known to reduce fatigue, improve muscle contractions and physical performance. It also helps in increasing sports performance. One gram of yerba mate helps in the burning of fat faster and the production of more energy resulting in better sports performance.  

  • It is Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants

Yerba mate contains plant nutrients like saponins, polyphenols, caffeoyl derivatives, and xanthines. These plant nutrients contain a large amount of health-promoting antioxidants that help in preventing diseases.  

A yerba mate gourd helps in activating the properties of the yerba mate.  

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