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We know everything has its purpose, and the purpose of the stainless steel sport water bottles to ensure the one who need to rehydrate after exercise with appropriate water temperature. Because most of our stainless steel sport water bottles are double wall with vacuum to keep warm or cold for a certain time quantum,they are always 6-24 hours for different sport water bottles.

More and more people pursues the keeping in good health,and the basic way is how to drink water. All of us know chinese people like to drink boiled water.and like to drink it in a suitable temperature,not too hot or too cold. For it’s difficult for us to drink too hot water,that may scald your tongue! In contrast to this, our stomach may too cold to adapt the cold water.

A news report said that a 16 years old student drink a cold drink fresh from the fridge just after strenuous exercise (play basketball) about five minutes later the boy suddenly felt chest distress and shortness of breath then chest pain, and  died despite emergency rescue efforts. In my opinion, we need a stainless steel vacuum sport water bottles to keep the drink in a right temperature that can satisfied your rehydrate need and then can care your healthy well.

You can select different sport bottle according to your need. The water intake,the shape that you favorite,or faction of the sport bottle lid(open to drink or with a straw). or just for the surface treatment may attract you. Or you just choose the stainless steel water bottle for different ages. For the kids ,The sport bottles with straw is better, the parents could prepare the water with suitable temperature for them and close the lids so as to there is no leakage.and the kids only need to pull the straw lip while they need to drink. For the teenager,the option is as widely as adults. The lid need to open ,with a straw,or straight drink lid is ok.and the bottle shape also similar to adults except the surface,the surface for the teenager may more design pattern.

Our company owns factory ourselves, we have design engineer, can help improve your design, and as a professional manufacturer, cooperation with us ,you can know your order progress quickly and easily. Pictures or short video is available. You can master production schedule well at any time! Cooperation with us,you can enjoy the factory price,and this can improve your competitive in the market.

In a word, Jiurui housewares is a bulk wholesaler of stainless steel water bottles, is your best supplier. Welcome to inquiry!

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