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Team: Wuyi Jiurui      Date: 21st, Aug. 2020

Recently we’ve met a valuable client who is a big importer in the UK. Order quantity is not small, but the target price is very low which is far less than our cost. We don’t know if we can get this order or not, but we think it’s a good option to share as a case. The inquiry stainless steel water bottle is a popular item, many factories have the same one, so the profit is definitely not high.  

In the first e-mail this client asked us to follow very detailed questions, we know he has real order but meanwhile, the competition is very big. Unfortunately, we are not the factory with the cheapest price.

  1. Could you please confirm that you have included all costs like material/FOB/ packaging etc? 
    Yes, we include all costs based on your order requirements.
  2. Please can you ensure that your BSCI is correct and from your factory that actually you produced product as per our inquiry?
    Yes, correct. 
  3. Do you have samples of these stainless steel insulated bottles? How soon can we get samples, we are on a very tight deadline for these bottles. 
    Yes, the Sample time depends on your decal design, usually, it takes about 2 weeks.
  4. Can you advise the outer export carton for these bottles to meet with the specified drop test? 
    ​​​​​​Yes, we will use the strongest export carton to meet with the drop test.
  5. If not we need to then add the cost in for the drop test packing. This is clearly something that is being picked up on just now by the UK.   
  6. Also, the factory must ensure that the address on the Audit is the EXACT same place as inspection. 
    Yes, we promise it’s the same.
  7. Can you also share that what is there total monthly capacity of your factory when in full production and what they are operating at in production terms currently? This will enable us to get a gauge on if they can cope with a large volume one. 
    Monthly capacity: 300,000pcs bottles

We replied the above questions, and here came his 2nd e-mail that the client asked questions in further. Following we replied him too.

  1. Is your bottle material inner 304 and outer 304 S/S?

Shelley: No. Our quotation is based on inner wall 304 stainless steel, and outer wall 201 stainless steel. 

  1. TPR ring – will this pass LFGB test standard? UK need LFGB material?

Shelley: TPR ring? Do you mean that silicone ring on bottle lid? Our silicone ring can pass LFGB test. As we know not all clients in UK need LFGB test report. But no matter clients need to do LFGB test or not, our material meets LFGB test standards. 

  1. Printing – is your offer based on gas transfer printing with high quality printing for bottle? 

Shelley: Yes, price is based on gas transfer printing with high quality printing for bottle.

  1. Any printing charge for bottle?

Shelley: Yes, there is decal plate making fee if use your own design. Plate making fee depends on your design. We will calculate cost for you when we receive your decal design in AI file. Our quotation is not including decal plate making fee. If use our current stock decal, there is no decal plate making fee for bottle. 

  1. Is your offer include packaging: Peelable label / Display box?

Shelley: Yes, our quotation includes packaging Peelable labels and Display boxes for bottles. 

Actually, until now we don’t receive any feedback from the client’s buying team. We’ve tried the biggest effort to follow in this order, but maybe the result will not be the same as what we expected. Based on the client’s detailed requirements on this stainless steel insulated bottle, we cannot compromise with quality by decreasing the cost as we know quality is the King. We have our own business principle. If you need good quality stainless steel bottle, we will offer you a reasonable price which is equal to your quality. But if you need a good quality bottle, but at a very low price, we have to say really sorry, we cannot make it. If with a very low price, it’s definitely that you can only get a low-quality bottle as each part need cost.


No matter if we will gain this steel bottle order or not, we’ve tried our best. We understand that we cannot meet all clients’ requirements, but surely we can meet part of clients’ requests who treasure the quality the same as us. Competition is big, and the price is important, but quality is the most important. We are keeping going and focusing on a balanced solution on price and quality on our stainless steel water bottle.


More cases are being updated. If any custom project on a stainless steel water bottle or stainless steel tumbler and want to make your unique design come true, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at shelley.pan@jiuruihousewares.com We are ready and expect to work with you in coming days.


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