How Do You Spot A Good Stainless Steel Supplier?

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Since its invention in 1913, stainless steel has found applications in almost all industries. However, its most popular application remains in the food industry. Due to the anti-bacterial, anti-leech properties of stainless steel, the material has risen to the top of the eco-friendly food storage materials list. The top stainless steel products include insulated tumblers and vacuum flasks.  

While there are many vacuum flask suppliers available in every country, the question remains, how do you spot a good one from a bad one? Therefore, to answer this question, we've come up with a shortlist of questions to ask the supplier before you buy any product. Make sure to ask these questions to find the right supplier for your business. 

Questions To Ask A Supplier Before You Sign A Contract 

Here are the top six questions you should ask an insulated tumbler wholesale company to determine whether they're good or not. 

  • What Manufacturing Process Do You Use? 

If you want to place a large order with the vacuum flask supplier, asking about their manufacturing process is a must. This will help you determine how they can keep up with your orders and delivery times. You can also assess the manufacturing efficiency and whether they use any eco-friendly protocols. 

  • What Is The Metal Quantity Of Your Stainless Steel?  

Stainless steel is made from three elements: iron, carbon, and chromium. If the manufacturer gets a discount on Iron or Chromium, the stainless steel used in your vacuum flask will have more of those metals. This will eventually affect the quality of the material. 

  • Is My Target Audience Interested In How The Product Is Built?  

If you are targeting a specific audience that follows specific norms or beliefs, you need to determine whether the manufacturer complies with these or not. For example, if your target audience is vegans, you cannot ethically partner with a manufacturer that uses animal products. 

  • Do You Provide Any Customizations?  

You may want to make your name in the industry, in which case, you'll want a unique, personalized product. Therefore, you should ask your manufacturer whether they will provide any customization facilities.  

  • Do You Follow Eco-friendly Practices?  

Having an eco-friendly business makes a major difference in your brand's perception. Your business should conform to national and international rules in the current world where your global warming awareness is spreading rapidly. Therefore, this question is a must ask. 

  • Is The Manufacturer Experienced In My Product? 

The term 'Stainless steel products' is a wide umbrella. Therefore, when you approach a supplier, asking whether they've completed similar projects or have worked on similar products before is a must. It can help you determine their experience and what quality of work you can expect. 

These questions will help you find the right insulated tumbler wholesale company. You should also look for international shipping options when selecting a wholesaler. This will ensure you can reach a wider client base and keep up with your business's demands. 

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