Stainless steel bottles are more appealing when you know more about them

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I am very lucky that be an employee in our Wuyi Jiuriu Housewares Company. And my new life with the stainless steel water bottle is begins. I don’t know much about the stainless steel water bottle before I work here, in my daily life I was usually drink water by ceramic bottle or plastic bottle. But, as I continue to understand stainless steel bottles, I found that stainless steel water bottle are very practical. And now, I drink water by stainless steel bottle every day, no matter at home or in the office.

I still remember that when I work here at first day, I was drink hot water by glass bottle just as usual. But the accident was happened, the water is too hot, when I pour the hot water into the glass bottle, the glass was broken. My hand was scalded by the hot water. And it took one week to be cured. After this accident, I was scared to use the glass bottle to drink hot water. So, from that time, I use the stainless steel bottle to drink hot water. Which stainless steel bottle do I use to drink hot water now? Just as below picture. But the surface treatment is different with below picture, it is air transfer surface treatment. More beautiful than the picture below.

Most of our stainless steel bottles are double wall, inner wall is 304 stainless steel, outer wall is 201 stainless steel. Double walled stainless steel bottle is more durable, because double wall can protect your hand scald, and it can keep hot water hot with more time. Every morning when I come to the office, I use the stainless steel coffee mug to drink a cup of coffee, the coffee mug is stainless steel double wall, so it’s not hot, and there are many surface treatments of coffee mug. The coffee mug is as below.

When I finish work and go home, it’s my private time, and maybe I will drink cup of beer, I will use the stainless steel beer bottle to drink cup of beer. It is also produce by double walled stainless steel  , and now it is summer, to drink ice beer is fantastic. And the double wall stainless steel beer bottle can keep the ice beer ice by more time. We can invite some of friends to have a dinner, After dinner, to drink cup of beer by stainless steel beer bottle. And watch movie while drinking.


I am very happy to work here and know more about the stainless steel bottles. And we are produce many kinds of stainless steel water bottles, If you have any interest in the stainless steel bottles please contact us.

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