Tips To Choose A Water Bottle

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A water tumblers can divided into sever types according to their different material or different occasion: ceramic cups, glass cups, plastic cups and stainless steel cups decided by the material;sport tumblers ,office tumblers according to the occasion.


How do you to choose your tumbler? The material is glass,ceramic,plastic or stainless steel?

  1. ceramic tumbler usually with a prefect appearance,and beautiful drawing, for the material can shaping easily. But the shortage of the ceramic tumbler is a little heavy and really easy to break,it can’t keep warm or cold ,only the simple use for drinking cups.
  2. Glass tumbler is very similar to the ceramic ones , compare to the ceramic tumbler, it is can see the color of drinks or form of tea in the cup from side view.if pigment is added into glass, there comes the colorful glass tumbler you can buy in the market,and the shortage also can’t keep warm or cold ,very easy to break.
  3. Plastic tumblers is made of the plastic,so it owns wonderful plasticity. You can find the most of shapes are the plastic tumblers or bottles in the market. Inject plastic,stretch, blow molding,this three steps can easily to out of the preset shape. But the tumblers made of plastic easily to breed bacterial than other material. And have the risk of containing harmful chemicals. The price is expensive if the tumbler sure its ingredients not contain harmful chemicals. Certainly,      the  plastic tumbler also without the keep warm or cold function.
  4. The stainless steel thermos tumblers are new product in recent year, it is quickly accepted and respected by people for its superior characteristic, most of the thermos tumblers are double wall with vacuum middle.This structure blocks the heat convection between the inner and outer wall of the cup. This is why the thermos tumbler can continue to keep warm or cold! In addition, the material stainless steel used to made in drinkwares are friendly and safety. The 304 stainless steel is reach the food grade, All the stainless steel water bottles inner wall are the food grade 304 or even the medical grade 316. the thermos cups made of stainless easy to stock without breed bacterial, compare to other material cups are more durable: It won’t break during the daily use, you may change it just for you attracted by another new pattern or you need prepare water tumblers for different occasion.

A stainless steel water tumbler you can hold it even just been poured with boiling water,don’t care whether the cup has a handle. You only need to pay attention to the water temperature before drinking!

Do you have get the tips? Ceramic and glass easy to break, can’t hold directly without handle while it has been poured boiling water, the tumblers made of plastic light enough,and not easy to break ,but it has the risk of chemical harmful, it may warped while been poured boiling water,and release harmful substance. The tumblers made of stainless steel have no other shortage excepted it may a little heavy. You can find out a style of stainless steel water tumbler matched your need any occasion.

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