The Best Standard Yerba Mate Gourd Cups

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If you are here looking for the best quality Yerba mate gourd cup to prepare and sip your Yerba Mate, Jiurui housewares is the best online store to look for it.

It is an online store selling household wares based in China. It is widely recognized for manufacturing and selling stainless steel bottles and containers, aluminum and plastic bottles, cups in different shapes and sizes designed specifically for a variety of beverages. Yerba mate cup is one of the specialties of Jiurui Housewares. It provides its services in the USA, Japan, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Yerba Mate Cup

Yerba mate is a famous drink, and it should ideally be consumed from a Yerba mate cup. Jiurui has years of expertise in manufacturing yerba mate cups. They provide the stainless steel insulated cup as well. The steel material of the yerba mate cup maintains the temperature of the drink.

The gourd shaped stainless steel insulated cup has grown immensely popular among the users. These cups have great elegance and catchy prints on 18/8 stainless steel. Since these cups are made of steel, they are reliable and reusable.

The most exciting part is that Jiurui can make unique and customized cups according to your preferences.

When you buy the Yerba Mate stainless steel insulated cup, you get some of its accessories, such as an easily detachable bombilla of 19.5 cm and a cleaning brush. The bombilla helps to stir and filter the yerba mate while drinking it.

Specialization of JIURUI Mate gourd cups:

· Made of 18/18 stainless steel.

· Has a unique oval shape.

· Suitable for all seasons.

· User friendly.

· The vessel is made of a gourd, which has its proven health benefits.

· Certified by LFGB and FDA.

· It is eco-friendly and reusable.

Unique Features of Jiurui:

Customers prefer buying products from Jiurui housewares. Its exceptional features will convince you to buy from the store again. Jiurui provides you with a free sample of all its products, whether you are interested in the Yerba mate gourd cup or any other Stainless Steel Insulated Cup. You have the chance to get it customized for free. The company seeks proper and honest customer reviews to prevent any future problems with their products.

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