Tumbler A Companion For Your Trip That Will Never Ditch

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Whether you are going on a road trip or have to board a 5 a.m. flight, a tumbler is the best companion to carry with you. Why? A tumbler is made in such a way that it maintains the temperature of the beverage it contains. Tumblers can easily hold hot or cold drinks.  Contact a stainless steel tumbler manufacturer and get one for yourself. 

Tell Me More! 

Tumblers are flat-floored containers used to store beverages. Stainless steel is used to make tumblers. They are free from BPA, also known as bisphenol-A. It does not have a handle on it and comes with a lid.  

Trips Tumblers Vibe With 

Tumblers are handy and stylish to carry. They make a perfect companion to carry along with you on trips. If you are wondering how? Following are some occasions where tumblers can be taken. 

  • Let's Plan A Family Picnic 

If you are planning a family picnic, let tumblers join you in. Tumblers are compact and can maintain temperature for a few hours. Fill in your tumblers with cold drinks and enjoy your family picnic. 

  • How About A Beach Party? 

Colourful tumblers give tropical vibes and make it look all the more exciting. Tumblers full of juices and ice cubes are enough to make your party at the beach fun. It adds quirkiness to the party. 

  • See A Different Side Of Your Colleague 

Office trips are held so that employers can have a better relationship with their colleagues. A tumbler with a printed logo of your company and a funky quotation will surely make your employers feel special.  These tumblers can work as a token of fun memory for your employers. Buy stainless steel wholesale to give it to your employers as a gift. 

But Why Tumblers? 

Tumblers are a rage these days. Besides being colourful and cheap, tumblers have got several other benefits. Let's look at some of them. 

  • Health Comes First 

Replace your plastic bottles with tumblers made of stainless steel. Plastics contain harmful chemicals such as BPA, also known as bisphenol-A and other toxins. These are harmful to your health and especially for babies. So from now onwards, say no to plastic bottles. 

  • Work Towards The Betterment Of Your Planet With Every Sip 

A stainless steel tumbler is environmentally friendly. It can be easily reused and recycled. Plastic bottles are non-biodegradable in nature. Not all plastics are easy to recycle. Do your bit to save our planet Earth by buying a stainless steel tumbler over a plastic bottle. 

  • Save Your Money For More Adventure Trips Ahead 

Buying new bottles of water every time can prove to be expensive. Now no more spending of money on unnecessary things. Buy a stainless steel tumbler and refill your tumbler rather than buying a whole new bottle. 

Jiuruihousewares are stainless steel tumbler manufacturers that provide tumblers for all your needs. You can also customize your tumblers according to your needs. Also, if you are planning to buy stainless steel tumbler for wholesale, you can always contact us on 86-579-87690121 or drop us a mail at shelley.pan@jiuruihousewares.com. 

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