How to Choose a Yerba Mate Cup in Five Steps

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The leaves of the Yerba Mate tree are used to make Yerba Mate, a popular beverage in Argentina. Because of their high polyphenol content, Yerba Mate Infusions have powerful antioxidant properties. Due to its high antioxidant content, it is given a special ranking among natural substances.  

Are you eager to start drinking mate, but unsure of where to start? Are there so many options accessible that you feel overwhelmed? If so, then you should read this manual. We have simplified the key factors to consider when selecting a Yerba mate cup and have developed a simple 5-step instruction for you to follow.  

What type of mate will you be drinking? 

There are four basic varieties of mate drinking, which largely correspond to the countries where it is consumed, even though mate can differ from place to region and person to person. Fortunately, it is simple to recognise the normal mate drinking style used in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. 

Different-sized and-shaped mate cups and gourds 

The mouths of gourds can be "closed" or "open," and they can have varied sizes and forms. These frequently come down to personal tastes and have no bearing on the mate's taste. If you want a gourd with more weight and substance or intend to travel with it, you can choose silicone or metal versions that are more resilient and simpler to keep. 

The Different Types of Gourds 

Seven varieties of mate gourds are available to fit your demands and way of life, including both organic and non-organic components. Some of the mate gourds have a more historical origin. Other materials like silicone, glass, and ceramic are gradually gaining acceptance because of their practicality. Every companion gourd variety has advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it is advised that you select the one that best suits your demands and way of life. 

Selecting a Wood Mate Gourd 

Usually, palo santo, Algarrobo, or coastal Spanish cedar trees are used to create wooden mate gourds. The mate gourd's type of wood may impart a light pine flavour and enhance the yerba mate's scent. These wood gourds are among the most well-liked varieties of gourds and are simple to utilise. 

After you've finished drinking the yerba mate, it's simple to keep clean and dry thanks to the shape, which also makes it easier to grasp while offering insulation and protection from the hot water. On the other hand, Wood gourds frequently hold less than calabash gourds and must be cured before use. 

Selecting a Calabash Mate Gourd 

The more common yerba mate gourds are calabash mate gourds. These gourds are made from a squash that was dried out and blessed before usage. Locals have employed this method as the standard mate gourd throughout South America for hundreds of years. 

The traditional way to consume the well-known Argentine beverage is with these calabash mate gourds, which are readily available, all-natural, and come in various sizes and shapes. The inside of these gourds, however, frequently still contains a lot of squash flakes and can rapidly become mouldy. 

After following these five steps, you can make a better decision regarding the kind of Yerba Mate Cup you need. You can also visit us at Jiurui Housewares to check through the variety of cups we have. 

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