Five Reasons To Switch To Stainless Steel Bottles

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To match the pace of the world, humans have long ago shifted to bottled water as it saves time. Have you ever wondered why there is so much diversity in drinking water bottles? Well, it is mainly due to the diverse range of consumer preferences.  

Should you bother about the material of your water bottle? Read on to find out! 

Five Reasons Why You Must Switch to Stainless Steel  

Choosing to drink water from plastic bottles is harmful to your body in the long run. Here are the five benefits of stainless steel bottles over other alternatives:   

  • Eco-Friendly 

Every year billions of plastic bottles add to the already massive pile of trash. Unquestionably, your one choice of using steel bottles over plastic ones can help decrease the load on mother earth. Besides, recycling plastic is way more complex than metal like steel and aluminium, making the latter more sustainable alternatives. Thus, choosing steel bottles over plastic ones is safe for the environment. 

  • Cost-Effectiveness 

A stainless steel bottle might cause you more money than a plastic or glass one, but it is an investment. A steel bottle's shelf life is much longer, so you only need to buy it once, unlike the plastic one, which should be replaced regularly to prevent health-related risks. So, instead of buying multiple plastic bottles, investing once in a good-quality steel bottle is more cost-effective.  

  • Safe to Use 

Researchers have established that plastic is prone to bacteria build up even if you wash it regularly. The hard to remove bacteria in plastic bottles poses serious health risks for you, such as kidney damage, liver problems, and even cancer. Drinking water from steel bottles significantly reduces such chances as steel is produced naturally. 

  • Hygienic  

Other than the bacteria build-up, the yellowness in plastic bottles resulting from reuse is another concern. Even if you clean it until the plastic starts coming off, they remain a bit dirty. Choosing more easy-to-clean alternatives like a steel or glass bottle will surely save you from the effort. Also, unlike the glass bottles that are prone to breaking, steel bottles are travel-friendly.  

  • Maintains Temperature 

Steel bottles make our days better by maintaining the water temperature so you can have it warm on a chilly winter morning while cold on a sizzling hot day. Due to this function, a personalized insulated water bottle made from stainless steel makes a great alternative to plastic ones. While glass bottles are often preferred over steel ones by health specialists, the latter work better in changing weathers.   

Lastly, stainless steel bottles add charm to your personality as it gives people an idea about your preferences. When you choose sustainability over trend, naturally, you ride up the social ladder.  

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