A Best Tumbler,Stainless Steel Skinny Tumbler

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Nowadays, Stainless steel tumbler is more and more popular. many people choose stainless steel tumbler to drink water, tea and juice. The skinny tumbler is the best one of the stainless steel tumbler. It is skinny and easy to hold by people’s hand.


Skinny tumbler is useful in our daily life, It looks nice and easy to wash. We WuYi Jiurui Housewares produce many types of skinny tumbler. It’s double wall vacuum insulated. And the material is stainless steel 304. it’s very beautiful and fashion.


Skinny tumbler have many surface treatment, such as spray painting, powder coating, water transfer printing and air transfer printing. You can choose which treatment do you like, and we will provide it to you. Spray painting and powder coating is based on the Pantone, you provide the color and we will paint it on the tumbler surface. Water transfer and air transfer are not only one color but a draw.

Skinny tumbler is durable, One of the key characteristics of stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler is that they are exceptionally durable and can last you a lifetime. Unlike plastic or paper cups, they are not made up of flimsy material, which will make them usable only once. Their strength and durability are what make them stand out from the crowd.

Each stainless steel skinny tumbler is made of high quality FDA approved food grade 18/8 stainless steel / 304 stainless steel. Unlike many other low quality steel, aluminum, or plastic bottles, our 18/8 stainless steel bottles will not leach any metal taste into your beverage, will leave your water odor free and the canteens are completely safe to drink from, non toxic and safe for kids.

The design of our stainless steel skinny tumbler makes it perfect to take anywhere, whether to your office, school, gym, yoga class, or any outdoor activities such as biking, running, hiking, backpacking, or camping. In contrast to your body, after an intense training, the bottle never sweats :) Additionally, the bottle fits standard sized cup holders, which makes it ideal for long drives and travel.


Choose a best skinny tumbler, choose we WuYi Jiurui Housewares Co; Ltd. Our products are available for wholesale at unbelievably affordable rates. Apart from skinny tumbler, we also have a stainless steel water bottle factory to cater to your needs. Just visit our website and order yours now!


Any question please contact by email: sales01@jiuruihousewares.com 

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