Different Types of Material Used to Manufacture Drink Containers

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We often hear people preferring Steel containers over plastic. It is known that plastic vessels are harmful. They do not degrade easily. What are exactly the materials used in drink containers? Is steel the best? Is plastic bad only for the environment and not detrimental to our health? Or is glass the best?  

Let's discuss some of the materials used in making drinking containers.  

What are the other materials used in making containers? 

  • Aluminum- Protects food against light and air and preserves quality. It can be recycled and manufactured in different sizes and shapes. Aluminum is a lightweight material, and for this reason, it has fewer production costs. It is mainly used in food packaging and making bottles and tumblers. 

  • Glass- Is heavy to carry but has several advantages over aluminum, steel, and other materials. Used in making crockery and water bottles. Glass water bottles are very popular. Glass bottles don't hold any residual odors. They are easy to clean and also environment friendly. They have almost no side effects. 

  • Copper- Since ancient times, our traditions have taught us to store water in copper containers to take maximum benefits from its intake. Copper has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. Copper discharges ions in water, which is supposed to bring about many health benefits. 

  • Plastic- It makes most of our daily life commodities. It's the most commonly used material for containers. It is lightweight and cheap but not very healthy. Plastic water bottles are popular to use. It has so many health disadvantages. Plastic releases chemicals after being exposed to heat which dissolves in your drink. 

  • Steel- If you prefer carrying homemade juices, a stainless steel vacuum bottle is the right option for you. It is eco-friendly, hygienic, durable, easy to clean, looks fancy, and is lightweight. Stainless steel tumblers and bottles are becoming more popular now. Every other material has some benefits. Steel is a mix of all advantages. 

Some disadvantages of these materials 

  • Aluminum is an amphoteric material. It reacts with both acids and bases. It can react to most of the drinks, which can be fatal. Aluminum containers have a plastic lining on the inside to prevent direct contact with the drink. On exposure to heat, this plastic lining can release harmful Chemicals detrimental to your health. 

  • Glass water bottles are heavy to carry and get scratched. They are breakable. You have to be cautious while holding them. Also, they are relatively expensive. 

  • Long-term exposure to increased potions of copper may induce copper toxicity. Its symptoms are vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. It may also lead to liver damage and kidney disorder. 

  • Stainless steel water bottles can add a metallic taste to your drink. The exterior of this container can also dent and peel very easily. It can overheat drinks if exposed to the sun. 

Which material is the best for your bottles and tumblers? 

There are advantages and disadvantages of every material. Stainless steel seems to be the most practical to use. It does not interfere with the drink inside. Steel is not as cheap as plastic nor as expensive as glass. It is just affordable. 

You can get your stainless steel containers from Jiurui, a China water bottle manufacturing company. They offer you to choose from a range of materials. They also provide a stainless steel tumbler, cups, and vacuum bottles. 

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