Best Yerba Mate Gourd and Wine Tumblers to Look Out For

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Yerba mate is an ancient herbal tea that is quite popular in the Southern American regions. Yerba mate leaves are generally dried off and then soaked into steaming hot water to make the beverage. A yerba mate gourd makes sure that this temperature is kept constant within it and keeps the beverage hot, as it should be. Having a yerba mate gourd can help you keep the taste of this ancient beverage fresh and alive for a longer time.  

What makes yerba mate so popular? 

Yerba mate is gaining popularity among people because of its various health benefits. People say that it has the strength of coffee, health benefits similar to tea, and provides you with the joy of chocolate. The following are some of the health benefits of consuming the ancient beverage: 

  • Yerba mate being extracted from plants has many plant nutrients within it. Some of the vital nutrients that it consists of are saponins, polyphenols, and xanthines.  

  • It is proven to increase mental focus and boost energy. Yerba mate is a caffeinated drink and helps you increase your energy levels.  

  • Yerba mate also helps in losing weight and belly fat. Studies show that it boosts your metabolism and, as a result, helps you lose weight.  

  • Being rich in nutrients like saponins and xanthines, the drink also helps in boosting your immune system. It also provides the body with other key vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.  

  • The ancient yerba mate drink helps lower blood sugar levels, making it safe for consumption for diabetic people and reducing the complications of diabetes.  

  • Having antioxidant properties, yerba mate proves to protect the body against heart diseases as well. It helps the body detoxify and can make you feel rejuvenated. 

  • It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that protect the human body against harmful infections. Studies also suggest that it protects us against intestinal parasites as well.  

The yerba mate gourd can help you preserve all these vital properties of the beverage and can help you maintain its temperature as well. The yerba mate gourd is made from the fruit of the gourd vine and may vary in shapes and sizes depending on every individual's taste and preference. Unlike other plant-based gourds, the yerba mate gourd does not have to be washed after every use and can be used on multiple occasions without having to wash it.  

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