How To Make Yerba Mate With Gourd

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Mate (pronounced: ma-teh) is a caffeinated beverage made from the plant Yerba Mate (also known as Paraguariensis) leaves and stems as well as hot water. It differs from tea and coffee in two key ways: how it's made and consumed. Yerba mate has stems, varying sizes, and a green colour comparable to loose green tea leaves, depending on its origin and processing.  

Mate is traditionally consumed through a gourd, also known as mate, and a bombilla (pronounced bombija), a metal straw with a strainer at the end.  It is majorly consumed in South America for centuries, and it is still widely popular in Argentina, sections of Chile, the south of Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. 

Health Benefits of Yerba Mate 

Yerba mate is a powerful antioxidant that also contains a variety of useful plant elements. Interestingly, yerba mate tea appears to have slightly more antioxidant power than green tea. Furthermore, yerba mate contains nearly every vitamin and mineral your body needs, as well as seven out of nine key amino acids. However, because the tea only contains trace levels of these nutrients, it is unlikely to contribute significantly to your diet on its own.

Apart from this, it has other health benefits. Yerba Mate can boost energy and improve mental focus, can boost your immune system, may enhance physical performance, may protect against infections, may help you lose weight and belly fat. It lowers blood sugar levels and reduces your risk of heart disease. 

Using Gourd to Make Yerba Mate 

To produce traditional yerba mate at home, all you need is

  • One gourd (a type of squash) 

  • Yerba mate loose-leaf tea 

  • Warm water 

Fill your gourd roughly two-thirds full with loose leaf yerba mate tea once you've received it. While you can order your tea online, you should be able to locate it in the tea area of most grocery shops. Cover your Yerba Mate Gourd wholesale and shake it a few times once you've added your loose leaf tea. This allows all of the leaves and dust to mix thoroughly, preventing your bombilla from being clogged. You can slant your bombilla so that it does not become blocked by the leaves if you try to keep your yerba mate on one side of the gourd.

Pour some cold water over your leaves before adding any heating water. This will prevent the nutrients and tastes from being destroyed by the burning process. Finally, pour in your warm water, but keep an eye on how hot it is because you don't want your leaves to burn. Before pouring, make sure the water is not boiling. It's best to use water that's between 80 and 100 degrees F. You can keep adding additional leaves and water to your mixture to make your elixir stronger, and enjoy it for as long as you like! 

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