What is the best Yerba Mate Gourd?

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  • 2021-03-24 11:43:15

It’s hard to find anyone who wouldn’t enjoy the delicious yerba mate. While they taste amazing, most people have also gained health benefits from the drink. Today, let’s talk about how one can enjoy the most from yerba mate by determining the best yerba mate gourd.

As there are a number of options available, it can be overwhelming to decide the best yerba mate gourd. So, here we will tell you what we think is the yerba mate gourd based on four important aspects: appearance, versatility, durability, and minimal maintenance.

Although traditional yerba mate gourd is definitely the best, it can be hard to find right away and can require a higher level of experience to handle and care for it. That is why we consider stainless steel yerba mate gourd the best option for all levels of users, even for beginners.

Here is why.

They look Good

Wuyi Jiurui Housewares Co. Ltd is the leading yerba mate gourd wholesale provider in China. Our stainless steel yerba mate gourd comes in a shiny and sleek appearance, which looks amazing. They are also carefully molded with the perfect curves that fit the hands comfortably and make the yerba mate appear most beautifully.


Another great thing about the stainless steel yerba mate gourd is that it can be used for drinking other things, not only yerba mate. We provide yerba mate ground wholesale that features double-wall technology. This means the ground can be used for making cold or hot mate and other drinks without affecting the flavor and taste.

Use them for a long time

The stainless steel mate gourds can withstand very hot water. You can pour hot water into these gourds and nothing will happen to them. On the contrary, when using wooden, glass, or traditional gourd, you probably will have to be careful, as over hot water can crack or damage the gourds.

Easy to use and take care

If you looking for a stress-free, hassle-free drinking session, the stainless steel gourd is the best option. Preparing mate in stainless steel gourd is as same as in the traditional gourd. Another great thing about these gourds is that they require minimal maintenance. You dont have to worry about molding and curing it as with traditional gourd. After using, simply clean it and store it for the next drinking session.

The stunning stainless steel gourds at Wuyi Jiurui Housewares Co. Ltd are durable, versatile, easy to maintain, and a great choice for enjoying mate and other drinks. Check out our official website to find quality gourds. If you add your own design, we can also do that. We provide yerba mate gourd wholesale and can customize your gourds as you like them. If you are interested, we love to talk with you. Please contact us.

Website: www.jiuruihousewares.com                     Email id: shelley.pan@jiuruihousewares.com

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