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It takes couple of months not sharing the real order confirming process, and here comes the updated e-mail case. Its one of our new clients from UK. Lets start from the first e-mail. (some confidential information we make revise)



Hello Shelley


I am looking at adding a range of stainless steel water bottles to our golf accessories business. Please can you provide a quote based on the below specification:


Product – BSCI Audit Factory Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Sports Bottle with Handle

Volume – 750ml

Coat – Single pantone colour powder coat

Logo – Single logo laser engraved at bottom centre of bottle (based on attached design)

Quantity – 3,000

Colourways – 3 colours (1,000 units of each)

Packaging – Cylinder Box (my designer will provide artwork after receiving template)

Price Terms – FOB


In addition, please can you let me know if your packaging can be FSC certified? Also please can you let me know the lead time required?


Are samples readily available?


I look forward to hearing from you.


All the best,




From above inquiry, we catch 2 key points, this client needs sample and he requires package by cylinder box which has FSC certification. This inquiry is very complete and professional, after collecting all the necessary information we reply him following e-mail.



Hello Dave


Good day.

Attached photo quotation for your info.

We quote 2 prices: inner wall 304 stainless steel(COPPER PLATING), outer wall 201 stainless steel and inner wall 304 stainless steel(COPPER PLATING), outer wall 304 stainless steel.

Lid is all metal lid.

We don't quote bamboo lid, as some outdoor brand clients told us after long time use, the bamboo lid will go mouldy.

If you really like, the bamboo lid is 0.1usd more expensive than metal lid.


Lead time: ship after CNY. If deposit paid before Jan. 2021, shipment date is on the end of Mar. 2021. 

If deposit paid on Feb. 2021, shipment date is on the end of Apr. 2021.


Some important notes:

Our factory's workers will have holiday on 20th, Jan. 2021. as China government requires people to stay at home from beginning of Feb. 2021. 

Since February is our Chinese Spring Festival, our government encourages us not to go out for New Year's visit due to COVID-19. 

We think our stainless steel bottle normal production may be on Mar. or Apr. 2021 after Chinese Spring Festival.

Regarding bottle order for 2021, we hope you would make full plan based on Chinese factories' situation. 

If you can confirm the order before 15th, Jan. 2021, it can save lead time of goods, and we can prepare materials in advance before holiday.

We expect your feedback soon.


Have a great day!

Best Regards

Shelley Pan 



That time is close to our Chinese Spring Festival, so we keep our client noted on the timeline for holiday. And next step we prepare the required sample and ship it to our UK client. Following is the feedback on sample from him.



Hello Shelley


I hope you are well.


I have received the bottle sample in the post. The quality looks good, thank you. Please can you confirm whether the sample I received has an outer wall of 201 or 304 stainless steel?


On review, I think a 500ml bottle would be more suited to our requirements. What would the FOB price/unit be for a 500ml bottle?


Are you able to send over a blank art template for the bottle so that we can populate with our design, logo size and positioning?


Finally, if you are able to source FSC certified card for the cylinder box then this would be preferable and I would be open to paying more for this – If we do proceed with this option I would need to have the relevant FSC logo and certification number printed on the packaging.


All the best,




Regarding clients questions, we reply him one by one. After sample quality checking, the next step is to confirm all the order requirements like bottle color, logo design, cylinder box artwork and most important price. It takes time to confirm each detail. It also takes time on price negotiation. But during all the communication process we are conveying information to our client that we are reliable supplier. For international trade, we think the trust is very important. Clients trust us, so they will make order to us. If they dont trust us, even we have very good price, they will not choose us. So how to win clients trust? Professional solution on products and service. Jiurui always treats the bottle quality is the first important, and keeps continuous improving on production crafts and tries best to offer good service to our clients. We are ODM factory with more than 15 years experience, welcome your customized water bottle project. For further discussion, pls contact us at 


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