How To Choose The Right Vacuum Flask For Yourself?

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Vacuum flasks are emerging as a new trend. With the increasing craze for travel, recreational activities such as camping and hiking, these heat-resisting bottles are becoming more of a necessity. But if you are buying your flask for the first time, then how would you know how to choose the right one that suits your needs the best? Don't worry! We've prepared a checklist for you which you can use while buying your new flask. 


Ask yourself: Do you just want your beverages to retain their original temperature, or are you looking for something that can retain the heat of the food items? These containers not only differ in size but also in structure.  

Food containers have wide mouths, but water bottles come with narrow necks. However, vacuum flask manufacturers have also come up with universal thermoses having several compartments for different purposes. Choose accordingly. 


Vacuum flasks are made of different materials, and they all have their particular advantages and disadvantages. Glass flasks are hygienic and can be preserved well but are very fragile. With plastic, they are lightweight and can be designed in various shapes, colors easily. But they don't last long and are not environmentally friendly.  

They also react with heat which can have a detrimental effect on our health. Among all the options available, stainless steel water bottles are the best because of the following reasons. 

  • They can retain heat for a considerably long period. 
  • They are more durable. 
  • They don't react with food or existing heat, producing hazardous chemicals. 
  • They can be washed easily, increasing their hygienic quotient. 

The cap 

While buying an ordinary bottle, you just need to look for leakage issues in caps but, with thermoses, you also need to check for possible heat loss. Some caps are too fragile and must be dealt with care, while others are not dishwasher friendly. Screw valves are often considered the best among all the options available. 


Vacuum flasks manufacturers make use of the vacuum between layers for its heat resistance property. So what you see from the outside is not what the container can actually hold. If you are buying it just for yourself or to have a few servings, less volume is okay. But if you are getting it for camping, or a family picnic, you should buy a bigger one. 


No doubt, this is one of the most important deciding factors for all the purchases we ever made. The prices of vacuum flasks depend on various factors such as durability, the duration for which it can hold the heat, manufacturer, and its look. A higher price doesn't mean that it is the best flask available. Similarly, a lower-priced bottle doesn't necessarily mean that it is the best for you.  

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