A New Way To Enjoy Drinking Wine

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Wine is a type of alcohol that many individuals need to acquire a taste. It comes in various flavors and colors that can be drunk, either cold or room temperature. Each person has their personal favorite, be it white wine or rose.

There is a lot of knowledge required when it comes to choosing a type of wine and how to drink it. Not only does it start with which ones can be had cold, but there are also different types of glasses used for a specific kind of wine.

Red wine is frequently drunk from a broad round bottom wine glass, while white wine is had from a longer, slimmer wine glass. Choosing this can be a problem because buying wine glasses can be expensive. For an average wine drinker, it is common to own different types for various occasions. However, there is now an easier way to go about this in the market. Jiurui Housewares has introduced a new product that is wine tumbler wholesale.

Why Use Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

This is definitely one of the great ways to drink wine because the tumblers' liquid remains at a standard temperature. Unlike when other glasses are used, when a cold wine is poured into the tumbler, it stays out until the wine is finished.

This is the same when it comes to a warmer type of wine. Another advantage is that there is no worry about the wine reacting to the steel. When wines are being manufactured, they are kept in large stainless steel barrels to ferment. This ensures that there is no other reaction occurring.

Best in the Market

China is regarded as the top country for stainless steel products and has reached about 70% of the world's production in this sector. Gaining domination in this industry, the country prides itself on selling these types of eco-friendly and reusable products. That is why, as a china stainless steel wine tumbler, this product manufactured by Jiurui Housewares is top in the industry.

The wine tumbler is known as the Wuyi Jiurui 12OZ Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler Wholesale. The tumbler is shaped like an egg, making it look different and unique to other styles of wine glasses. The tumbler has a double-wall insulated vacuum ensuring that the heat or coolness is trapped within it.

The tumbler's thermal insulation can last between 6 to 12 hours, and it has also gained approval from both the FDA and the LFGB. As a wholesale product, the price is lesser than when bought individually. The tumblers come in five different colors and patterns that are specific to the company.

Jiurui Housewares is a company specializing in stainless steel vacuum products and aluminum and plastic bottles in China. That's why this product has been identified as a "china stainless steel wine tumbler" that is affordable and reliable.

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