Jiurui Stainless Steel Water Bottles-Your Life Partner

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Stainless steel water bottles or tumblers are accepted and favorite by more and more people. Why? Of course for its superior advantages: Durable, Mildew resistance,Keep warm or cold,Insulation, broken resistant. Eco-friendly, Healthy.

We will feel inconvenient without the necessity of life, and the water bottles or tumblers are one of the necessity of life. When we are drink water,juice or wine,we need bottles or tumblers to hold it. And we may need different tumblers or bottles for the different occasion. Sport water bottles with large capacity to meet your water replenishment during exercise.We, Jiurui Housewares stainless steel water bottles tumblers with varieties of capacity and shapes,can satisfied your different requirement in different occasions.

1.Jiurui Stainless Steel Tumblers With Wide Range Of Capacity

As a professional manufacturer of stainless steel water bottles,the capacity of the tumblers are very wide,from 4oz to 67oz.

2.Jiurui Stainless Steel Tumblers With Variety Of Shapes

It is very necessary for a professional factory to owe many shapes of the stainless steel water tumblers or bottles. We did it. We have 4oz volume double wall stainless steel vacuum flask that you can taken it in your pocket,we call it pocket bottle. This is suit for small clutch bag of lady or common pocket for gentlemen. You will find our Jiurui Water Bottles more options available in 8oz to 30oz capacity, for we use these volume can satisfied our daily life very well.



3.Jiurui Stainless Steel Tumblers With Colorful Surface Design

All of us like beautiful things, and the Jiurui Water Bottles are support the purpose. We support color customized according to the pantone color,this is for the spray paint and the powder coating surface treatment. And we also accept the pattern design according to the customer’s requirement, this is for the air dye transfer printing and water transfer printing.

4.Jiurui Stainless Steel Water Bottles Customized

Our jiurui stainless steel water bottles ODM accepted expect the existing mold. If you have a opinion of the bottle shape design,please feel free to sent your idea to us ,then we will suggest you how to let your design come to a real stainless steel water bottle. Certainly, we will produce the shape only for you and also we will abide by the principle of confidentiality ,won’t release the information.

We, jiurui housewares as a professional manufacturer of stainless steel water bottle and the bulk wholesaler stainless steel water bottles offer you the competitive price and high quality product. All the stainless steel sports bottles from jiurui are durable and food grade stainless steel material for interior wall,durable and brushed or painted stainless steel material for exterior wall,screwed cap that easy to open and close,Ideal for car, home, office, outside and promotions as gifts.Customized pantone color and logo is available,OEM ODM is welcome.

More stainless steel tumblers you can visit our website: www.jiuruihousewares.comwww.yerbamatecup.com

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