What Makes You Like to Drink?-----Insulated Wine Tumbler

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Today we are going to introduce you one of our stainless steel tumbler: Insulated Wine Tumbler. Why called it Wine tumbler? Because this tumbler is invented to drink the wine. As we know, the wine tumbler is made from glass at first. Because the glass is more beautiful. But it easy to broken, so we invent the stainless steel wine tumbler to drink wine.

Why you should choose the stainless steel insulated wine tumbler instead glass wine tumbler?

Wine tumbler made from stainless steel is easy to clean and more durable for our daily life. And we made it for double wall insulated, insulated wine tumbler can protect you don’t to scald when you drink some hot water. The inner wall we use stainless steel 304 and outer wall we use stainless steel 201. stainless steel 304 is match to the food grade. It is healthy to use stainless steel 304 insulated wine tumbler.

•What drinks should use insulated wine tumbler?

we usually use the insulated wine tumbler to drink wine, but, nowadays, people use the insulated wine tumbler to drink many other drinks, such as milk, coffee, tea and so on. Especially stainless steel insulated wine tumbler, because the material is suitable for any drinks. Not only wine but also other drinks. It is why the stainless steel insulated wine tumbler more and more popular.

•The accessory of the insulated wine tumbler.

As the product matures, the accessory of the insulated wine tumbler be produced. We provide the PP lid of the tumbler and it is match the FDA. There is a rubber seal around the PP lid for leak-proof. Except the PP lid we have the stainless steel straw for the insulated wine tumbler. We have two kinds of straw,one is spoon shape the other is tube shape. The material of these two straw is all stainless steel 304.

•Different surface treatment for insulated wine tumbler

Different with glass wine tumbler, stainless steel insulated wine tumbler have many different surface treatment, such as spray painting, this is a basic treatment for the tumbler, find one color from pantone then we can print the color on the tumbler surface. Other surface treatment are as below: powder coating, water transfer, air transfer and so on. Different surface treatment make the insulated wine tumbler more beautiful. Meet the needs of different people.

More and more people like the stainless steel insulated wine tumbler, it is useful in our daily life, If you have any interested in the wine tumbler, please visit our website: www.jiuruihousewares.com to know more about the insulated wine tumbler. And any questions please feel free to contact us.

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