The Trend-Setter Yerba-Mate Gourd Mug

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The quest for buying a yerba mate gourd has increased as it comes with a number of health benefits. The popularity of it has come to the extent of which material best suits yerba mate gourd. So, are you planning to buy a mug for your daily use? A trendy mug with all the features you want?  

There are few things that a person must know before considering the right drinking mug: 

  • Where do you plan to use the mug? ( for domestic, or travel purposes) 

  • What beverages would you drink in that mug? 

  • The quantity of the liquid you would drink 

  • The shape, colour and size of the mug 

  • The last but not the least, the price of the mug 

Think for it, and we have our Yerba-Mate Gourd mug made by stainless steel mug manufacturers as the best option available to serve you well for your personal use. When it comes to the quality of the product, you can be absolutely sure that the material is up to your expectations. Yerba Mate Gourd offers you the best quality at a reasonable price. 

Things to Know About the Desirable Mug 

  • The product’s quality is the expectation’s zenith and feels premium at hand with a gourd-shaped look; it is really a trendsetter! The shape gives us a premium feel to hold and offers a comfortable grip while being great to use. 

  • Premium product with not so premium pricing! We have priced the product keeping in mind the average user with its expectations of pricing, so be overwhelmed with the quality with the excellent price that we offer. 

  • The mug comes in 2 designs. One is stainless steel double wall vacuum insulated; the other is stainless steel double wall but non-vacuum insulated, both with the same outer structure. 

  • If you talk about the appearance and want a cool looking mug, then feel free to order from our Yerba Mate Gourd wholesale. We provide you with different colors and different looks of the product. It looks good and feels good. Bring your home some comfort.  

  • The mug can change the look and feel of your place and reinvent it to something bigger and better. You can play around with it, using it for multiple numbers of things as you please. 

  • Moreover, stainless steel isn’t porous and doesn’t affect the flavor of the liquid in the container, keeping it at the same temperature for longer durations which is why it is preferred by many people. Maintaining these mugs are simple and easy.  

The Yerba mate Gourd Wholesales at Jiurui Housewares are to use because of its outstanding features. Besides being made from stainless steel, this mug is long-lasting and durable. It’s time to come to Jiurui Housewares and start up your new cooperation.  

Jiurui Housewares offers you a choice of different styles and variants. Don’t settle for overpriced wholesale quotations and limited selection; Jiurui always provides you with good quality, more customization options at a good price.

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