In-house Inspection of Wuyi Jiurui Housewares Company

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We Wuyi Jiurui Housewares Company is specialized produce kinds of stainless steel bottles. Produce products with high quality is always our company’s goal.


One of our customer make a order to us recently, Although there are only two type of our bottles in order, but the surface treatment of bottles is complicated, so we discuss the details of surface treatment for a long time. This customer is from UK, and the requirement of their order is higher than others. we are very care about their order, because we want make a long business relationship with them, and let them trust us that our products is always with high quality.


They are very care about the surface of bottles, they want the bottles looks perfect, especially of the logo on the bottle, the color of logo must match the PMS. The requirement of surface treatment and logo as below:

“Material:SUS 304 inside out

Colour: LOGO PMS matching- Glossy finish on the bottle and all details must be clear

(please note that customer is very strict with colour matching and logo details – if logo colour doesn’t match, logo not clear or not round, it will be rejected.)

Logo Bottle: 1 Wimbledon logo on the bottle and 1 laser engraved logo on the top  

Logo Tumbler : 1 Wimbledon logo on the bottle

FOB terms

Inspection: Mid Inspection and final inspection AQL 0/2.5/4”

We confirmed the surface treatment with them again and again, give them the perfect advise, finally they confirmed it. The customer feel we Wuyi Jiurui Company are very professional for the stainless steel bottles. We are very happy that we can satisfy the customer.

After confirm the surface treatment of the bottles, we find that the customer is very care about the material of the bottles too and provide the test requirement for the bottles to us.


We Wuyi Jiurui is a professional factory to produce the stainless steel bottle, so, it is our responsibility to satisfied the customer’s requirement. We learn about the test from the test company and then arrange to send our bottles to the test company to have test.

This is the list of the test, we learn about it from the test company, and we have arranged the test of our bottles, we are very confident of passing the test.


We Wuyi Jiurui Company is specialized produce stainless steel bottle, vacuum bottle, vacuum flask,thermos, kids bottle, 

sports water bottle, travel mug, coffee mug, tumbler, cup, mug, Tritan bottle,and aluminum bottle, and we are always be honor to satisfied customer’s requirement, and we specialized produce stainless steel bottles with high quality and competitive price. If you have any interested in our bottles please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to meet your requirement.


Any questions please contact by email: 

Welcome to visit our website to know more about our products.

Sales manager: Heidi Fang

WhatsApp: +86-13566932383

Mobile/wechat: +86-17757995120

Expect your inquiry!

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