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Water is an essential part of life. Unlike your morning cup of coffee, we literally can't live without. It is one of the most vital element that makes up our entire existence.

We're often told how important it is to drink water and how we need to drink at least half our body weight in ounces each day. But these days it can be difficult to remind ourselves or to even find a good clean source of water while out and about. But thankfully, the evolution of the water bottle has come a long way: from the animal horn or clay pot water storage varieties to the common plastic water bottle or ceramic tumbler or stainless steel water bottles.

The first-ever known use of a “water bottle” was in 5000 B.C. where clay bottles were formed to store water. One of the top-selling water bottle designs today is the stainless steel reusable water bottle. But why choose stainless steel over plastic or glass?

Choosing the right water bottle can be difficult. You want to make sure it helps you stay hydrated, but also doesn't lead to unintended side effects.

As the times go ,we find the aluminum water bottles have material will lead to health issues,plastic water bottles have the risk that containing harmful chemical BPA or Phthalates. Also we can find the glass water bottles is a type of bottle that is clear of harmful chemicals and raises little to no concern related to health issues.They're often looked at as an eco-friendly bottle that seems to be a good choice. But they have their own downfalls. Just like any glass item, it can easily break even when covered with a protective sleeve.Another downside is that they do not keep your water cold. If left in the car, that bottle will even be too hot to pick up.  

We now realized the drinking utensil made of stainless steel is the best choice ,for the stainless steel is food grade out of BPA, and don’t contain the harmful chemical to lead the healthy issue,and for its characteristic can make into the double wall with vacuum to keep the drinks warm or cold 6-24 hours, this means the stainless steel water bottles suit for all the occasion you may need. Such as travel ,camping,picnic,office use,sport and so on, you just to choose different shape and volume according to your need.

We, jiurui housewares as a professional manufacturer of stainless steel water bottle and the bulk wholesaler stainless steel water bottles offer you the competitive price and high quality product. All the stainless steel sports bottles from jiurui are durable and food grade stainless steel material for interior wall,

durable and brushed or painted stainless steel material for exterior wall,screwed cap that easy to open and close,Ideal for car, home, office, outside and promotions as gifts.Customized pantone color and logo is available,OEM ODM is welcome.

More stainless steel tumblers you can visit our website:www.jiuruihousewares.com.

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