Pick The Best Yerba Mate Cup In 2 Seconds

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Yerba mate cup is an original and traditionally renowned vessel made from scratch. The fruit of the calabash plant---a gourd---is scraped out and dried. Then it is used as a mug in a number of cultures across the world. Some are also made up of wood and guampa. Furthermore, drinking from a yerba mate cup will energize you as it has high caffeine content. This is linked to enhanced alertness, focused concentration, and little to no room for fatigue. 

Just like you spend hours picking the best outfit, the best outfit, a Yerba mate cup should also fit your preference and needs. It is crucial to know ways you can identify what works for you and what does not. Not only will you save time scrolling through options you feel the need a tutor for to only understand, but it will help you get the best out of your experience of using a Yerba Mate Cup.

Follow these two easy steps to find the best Yerba Mate Cup -

1. Know The Kind Of Mate You Like To Drink From

Although mate drinking differs from place to place, there are four branches of styles to mate drink. The easy ones to recognize are from the largest consuming countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. However, don’t worry if you don’t remember the type you had the last time. Here are a few questions you can ponder on before going further -

  • Was it served cold or hot?
  • Did it land on the closer end of the sweet spectrum or lean more towards bitter?
  • Was it a quick and strong hit or a slow and gentle one?
  • Was it all yerba mate or with something added to the flavor?

Argentinian yerba mate cup is known for its high content of stems which is responsible for what might be a softer tinge as compared to Uruguayan mate or Chimarrao mate. It is taken hot, commonly blended with herbs or spices, and on rare occasions with drinking the mate hot and sweet.

The South of Brazil is one of the consumers of the Chimarrao mate. This is characterized by its lightness, freshness, and softness of taste relative to the other two. While it identified with Argentinian mate, its other recognizing factors would be: served alongside fresh herbs, ice cubes, and fruit juices.

Uruguay likes it scorching hot without the extras of herbs and spices and free of sweeteners. It is no surprise that this is the strongest and most bitter yerba mate cup you will encounter. 

2. Check What It Is Made Up Of

It would be best to check what the cup is made up of in order to choose the best one easily.

  • Calabash, wood, and bone

It is traditional, drinks-friendly, and deepens the taste with time. However, it molds due to humidity, time-consuming

  • Silicon, glass, metal, ceramic (non-organic elements)

It is best to use these for sweet and bitter mates. It easily fits in with your daily set of cutlery.

Bottom Line 

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