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Case Share 7: Trust is Based on Your Consistent Effort

Team: Wuyi Jiurui     Date: 22nd, Jul. 2020

What is the most challenging job in the world?

My answer is sales marketing. Guess what? I am that lucky guy who likes such job very much.

Every time when I win a stainless steel water bottle order from our potential clients, I am so proud of myself.

Today I am going to share with you my story with an Israel client.

We got to know this client on trade fair, but he didnt make order to us at once. Several months passed, we proceed with regular customer development job. One day he replied our e-mail and asked for a steel vacuum flask sample for quality check. Its really a good news for us in such hard year when business is very slow. We paid high attention on the bottle sample and prepared it in a shortest time. Client was satisfied with our steel water bottle when he received the sample and told us he planned to make order soon.

The following days we were discussing with order details on stainless steel bottles decal, coating color, Logo printing, and packing. Everything was going smooth. We liked such pace.

After order confirmed, client was going to make deposit for us. Here came the key point. He paid us more than 30% deposit which was marked on the PI. That was the most moved moment for me. I was really happy as he was the first client who made more deposit than we asked. We knew what it meant. It meant he trusted us, trusted our insulated steel bottle quality, trusted our service, and trusted our consistent effort.

We appreciated this clients trust on us, and got more inner drive to produce good quality stainless steel vacuum bottle for his order.

Above stated is my story with this Israel client. This experience tells me the result is not the most important, the process is also very important. If we didnt keep contacting with this client and updated him our stainless steel bottles latest information, then we have no chance to win his order. Each step you should pay your best effort, then you can get a good result. It is not an easy thing, but if you insist on to do it, you will get better and better. That is why I think sales marketing is the most challenging job. Not easy, but deserve your effort.

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