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4 Tips on Designing a Custom Water Bottle

Team: Jiurui Housewares         Date: 30th, Sept. 2019

More and more brands prefer to purchase personalized water bottles to promote their brand awareness. This article is mainly for those who are new in business with stainless steel water bottle custom project.

From many cases of our cooperated clients, once a client decides to develop a new design for stainless steel water bottle, there accompanies 2 kinds of bottle: single wall bottle and double wall vacuum insulated bottle. For lid, single wall bottle and double wall bottle can be shared together. Since double wall vacuum insulated bottle has more complex structure, below contents we mainly focus on double wall bottle.

To make it easy to understand, we plan to state from 4 parts for clients who are newly stepping into drinkware industry. When your designer begins a design concept, he or she can take below 4 tips as a practical consideration.

1. Lid

It’s really important to draw a good design on lid no matter it’s single wall bottle or double wall bottle. Ask yourself who is your target audience, kids or adults, for home use or sport use.

Last but not least, for silicone seal ring which makes bottle leakage proof, you don’t need to draw it in detail, as our Jiurui Housewares factory will match you correct silicone seal ring from our side. What you need to do is just to advise us if there needs any embossing Logo on it or not.

2. Main body

Body part has 2 points that call your attention.

A. The height of thread on neck of bottle requires at least 17mm due to our craft. This is because when our workers operate on thread rolling machine, the machine requires the minimum bottle thread height at least 17mm.

B. Bottom radium should not be too small due to craft, at least 2mm.

3. Bottom

The design for bottom is different between single wall and double wall bottle.

We recommend below similar bottom design for double wall bottle due to stability on the desk and vacuumization need.

4. Vacuum layer space

Usually, we recommend vacuum layer distance on the sidewall between inner wall and outer wall at least 1.5-2.0mm. Regarding the bottom vacuum layer distance we recommend at least 5mm to decrease the vacuumization rejection rate.

But there is an important thing that calls your attention, the distance of vacuum layer matters with thermal performance. The bigger it is, the better thermal performance is. You can design bigger vacuum layer space, but same bottle shape, the bottle volume will become smaller. Our recommendation which is based on reasonable distance and good thermal performance is offered as a reference for your final design. 

If any more questions on custom stainless steel insulated water bottle, pls feel free to ask Shelley at e-mail for free.

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