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Kick Start New Year with Best Bottles, Tumblers, Mugs

Team: Wuyi Jiurui            Date: 6th, Jan. 2020

2019 has been an exciting journey for many entrepreneurs and startups. Being a trusted brand among stainless steel water bottle manufacturers, it has been our privilege to work with great brands for the creation of personalized bottles, tumblers, mugs, flask, and many more. Each year is the advent of innovative convection, which encourages us to bring some extraordinary. The good thing is, you can purchase most of the products right now on our dedicated site at a remarkable price.

The factor that differentiates Jiurui Housewares from the rest of stainless steel water bottle suppliers is the ability to bring uniqueness to the modern world, making our bottles the right gear to clinch thirst. So without any further ado, let’s get started with the latest you’ll get in the 21st century. Most of our units are available for further personalization and customization. So if you wish to bring uniqueness to your brand, we are there to help.

STAINLESS STEEL BEER MUG. A perfect choice for the lover of freshly brewed Irish beer, and even a perfect gift to give your loved ones on New Year’s Eve. They keep your beer nice & cold and designed in a way to accentuate unique aroma. Proudly created with FDA accreditation, it appreciates the aroma and taste of the beverage. Some restaurants are already into a stainless steel beer mug. Given the fact that they are easy to customize with a logo, it's a brilliant choice for branding. Hence, your finest choices are - Coffee Cup Cheering Beer Mug, Double Wall Stainless Steel Beer Mug, and Insulated Beer Cooler with Cover.

INSULATED SPORTS BOTTLE WITH HANDLE. The insulated sports bottle is known for its performance, sleek design, versatility, and practicality. It’s outstanding and certainly your best choice. The bottle has an unfailing advantage over other products on the shelf. The thermal insulation property does keep your water super cold for an entire day and has been a remarkable choice among enthusiasts travellers. Effective, low cost, a bit lighter, and suitable for everyday uses.

Crystal Diamond Swell Bottle. Everyone loves textured bottles. If you want your bottle a lot more fancy, this is it. The iconic and distinctive design is instantly recognizable and crafted for major occasions. Its shimmering appearance. The moment you hold Crystal Diamond Swell Bottle in your hand, you’ll fall in love with its stylish yet quirky embodiment, making it the coolest bottle to buy in 2020.

Why Are Stainless Steel Bottles Way Better Than Others? In clear-cut language, they offer everything a consumer usually looks for in a bottle. Other than being safe and BPA free, stainless steel products are also eco-friendly, incredibly durable, and perfect for running, hiking, and trekking. They don’t even put the environment and habitat in danger. Though there are other alternatives too (glass and plastic), but they are not as good as stainless steel.

Jiurui Housewares utilizes state of the art technology in the creation of the design that resembles loud and clear. Our team of designers and creative directors is even available for the personalized bottle design. So if you have a concept in mind, do reach us today. By understanding the clientele notion, our designers make sure your brand flourishes online and offline. Investing in Jiurui Housewares is more like investing in proficiency, where our design and build-quality surpasses the expectation of the consumer at a competitive price. Contact us today.



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