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Case Share 1: New Product ODM for Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle

Team: Wuyi Jiurui                       Date: 27th, May, 2020

Recently we received many customized inquiries on our stainless steel water bottle. Some clients asked us if we support ODM or not.

The answer is YES.

We Jiurui welcome you to discuss details on your new product development. We can sign NDA with you before you send us your 3D design. Since we own more than 15 years manufacturing experience for double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle, we are confident to say once your design is feasible, then we will make your design come true.

Next we will share with you a case which is a new inquiry for a unique thermos bottle. We will not show design details as we sign NDA with our client. Its about some common questions that new client will face. We use such case to make you more clear on our ODM project processing way.

Part of our client e-mail content(we hide some key information as it is not allowed to share):

Dear Shelley,

I appreciate your honesty. Allow me to think about it because I also wanted to see a pre-production sample before investing $xxx in the mold... it’s hard as a business to spend this money without knowing if the design is going to be as functional as anticipated. Although 3D printing in plastic can help with measurements, it will not tell us if the product will do what it needs to (keep the water warm, etc).

Let me know if you’re able to make a prototype before opening up a mold as this will also impact my decision.

Thank you!

Based on what our client concerned, we wrote an e-mail as below:


Good day.

Thank you for your quick feedback.

Let us tell you the truth.

In drinkware industry, especially for double wall vacuum insulated bottle, if you need to test the sample, then we need to make a real sample which we call it pre-production sample.

How to make a pre-production sample? It requires to open new mould which is the only way to make pre-production sample. We cannot make prototype for quality testing if without mould. If you insist to get a prototype, then we will make 3D printing sample for you. But as we said on previous Skype meeting, you can make 3D printing sample on your side so you can save the courier cost from China to your country. Due to your needs, you need to test the sample quality, so 3D sample(material is plastic) makes little sense as it just shows you the shape, and the size. It cannot show you if it is leak proof or not, or if it is vacuum or not.

One of our clients from Europe, they opened a new mould which is a single wall bottle, the mould fee is $xxx, as the lid is plastic. The mould cost of plastic lid is much higher than metal lid. Regarding mould cost payment, they also make 100% payment in advance. All customized project which requires to open a new mould for stainless steel thermos bottle, we require 100% payment in advance. We Jiurui in drinkware industry accumulated experience for more than 15 years, we know how to make your design come true. But for any new product it needs investment at beginning.

Another important thing, we call your attention on unit cost which we checked carefully. If you or your market cannot accept such unit cost($xxx/set), then we think maybe change your deign a little or think about some other solutions. Since you learn your market better, you know how to design a practical and functional product. And we are responsible to produce your design and make sure the bottle is qualified and functional.

For mould fee, $xxx you will get your design come true. We think it's a good way to try. We have rich experience on customized project, and we will not let you down on the mould. The bottle will be functional, it will be leak proof, and it will keep water cold or hot.

Below is our stainless steel vacuum bottle processing drawing for your better understanding on how our bottle is produced.

Pls do consider it carefully, we expect your good news.

Have a great day!

Best Regards

Shelley Pan

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