Team: Wuyi Jiurui                 Date: 3rd, June, 2020

Recently, we received some start-up companies drinkware flask inquiries on customized stainless steel water bottle ODM project. Some questions on mold are typical and representative, hence we share them with you in case you need.

1) How do we ensure that the mold is correct the first and only time?

[Shelley:] We checked your design carefully, and found it's feasible. We have confidence to produce it out.

If the 3D file is correct, then the mold is correct. The key point is on 3D file.

All the details on 3D file we will check carefully, if anything we cannot produce, we will discuss with you and revise the design accordingly.

Only all the details on the 3D file are feasible to produce and both of us confirm the 3D file, then we will go ahead with the mold producing.

2) If the first mold is not correct is it free of charge to fix it or do we have to pay for a whole new mold?

[Shelley:] You only need to pay 1 time mold fee, no need to pay second time.

If we confirmed the 3D design of steel water bottle, quoted you the mold fee, and you paid the 100% mold fee, then that's all, no any extra cost.

If we make wrong mold according to your 3D design, we will bear this cost until it's the correct mold.

3) What are the payment methods for the molds and for the sample batch?

[Shelley:] Payment method for molds is 100% prepaid by T/T to our company account.

Bottle sample fee you can pay to our PayPal account or by Western Union pay.

This time you can pay molds cost and sample cost together to our company account.

4) How do we pay for shipping to America?

[Shelley:] You can pay to us directly, then we will pay to shipping company.

For bulk order, we recommend goods shipping by sea as it's much more expensive by air.

Firstly, you can choose to add this shipping cost(we will offer you quotation for shipping cost) on the proforma invoice, so we will pay this ocean freight to forwarder instead of you.

To America, we have DDP incoterm. Under DDP incoterm, you just need to tell us your warehouse address, the goods will be dispatched to you directly, you don't need to ask agent to make custom clearance, trucking, etc.

We have several clients using this DDP incoterm, as it's easier to deal with.

Also you can choose incoterm like FOB Ningbo, CIF Long Beach, New York, Los Angeles, etc. by choosing freight collect or freight prepaid.

We have cooperated forwarder, and we can arrange shipment for you. Or if you have your own forwarder, pls tell us their contacts in China, we will contact with them and arrange the shipment for you.

5) If the outer wall which will be powder coated is not food-grade stainless steel, is it cheaper?

[Shelley:] Yes, it will be cheaper. Outer wall material you can use 201 stainless steel. Some of our clients choose bottle material for inner shell by 304 stainless steel and outer shell by 201 stainless steel.

6) Are the molds made directly from the CAD files?

[Shelley:] For some designs, we make molds according to CAD file. But for your flask design, we need a 3D file to check in further.

Generally speaking, for our stainless steel water bottles, we require a 3D file.

7) On your website, it says that an OEM professional group can help with OEM projects, could they help with CAD files?

[Shelley:] Yes, we can draw CAD file for you after you confirm the flask design.

More cases are being updated. If any customized project on stainless steel water bottle and want to make your unique design come true, please don’t hesitate to contact with us immediately at We are ready to assist you and expect to work with you in coming days.

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