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Case Share 4: Missed His 1st Order, Win His Future Orders

Team: Wuyi Jiurui     Date: 4th, Jul. 2020

Did you lose an available order? We did.

We knew this client on beginning of 2019. He found our website on Google, and sent an e-mail to us to develop his new product. On middle of 2019, he visited our factory, but due to some other considerations, he chose another bigger factory to start cooperation. We did have big frustration at that time as we found this client sent our 3D drawing directly to another factory and finally product is same as our drawing. But 1 week later, we chose to forget this thing. We dont want to lose time on unchangeable things so we focus on other clients development. From last year to this year, we still keep in touch with this client even he didnt make that order to us. When he needs our help, we keep offering consistent service for him.

This year he told us it was not happy to cooperate with that big factory as the delivery time is very slow and the service experience is not good. He hopes we can be his 1st priority supplier in future. For us, its indeed a good news. We missed his 1st order, but win his future orders.

Life is always like this, something amazing happens unexpected. We are lucky, but why its us? Because we never quit, we never stop learning in our drinkware industry. We learn, we get, and it makes us professional in this area. We are confident that we can bring our clients with valuable service, and today we are going to share some questions asked by this client which we think you will be interested in our answers. (We make revise on some key points to keep information safe)

Hi Shelley,

Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly. We really appreciate your willingness to work with us on the details and the pricing.

1. For this first run, because we need to keep costs as low as possible, we would like to avoid tooling. Can you provide us pricing on your stock item wine bottles that you have available? They must fit 750 ml. WITH the lid on. I saw some on your site that might work - # 64, 47, & 86

[Shelley:] OK, got it, must be 750ml. #64 and #86 due to the neck part is difficult to produce, low productivity, the cost is high, it's close to 4usd/pc. For #47, the lid is all metal, the cost is also close to 4usd. We totally understand your concern, you hope to reduce the cost as more as possible. So we don't recommend these 3 items to you. One possible solution is we draw you CAD file which is same shape with your website bottle, and make it volume 750ml with lid screwed in. For the mold cost, we will support you and share all the mold cost. The mold producing time is about 20 days.

2. We would like a gloss finish. Please confirm your pricing accommodates this.

We are wanting the bottles with the air transfer design to have a gloss finish? Is this possible, and does it affect the price? We find that the gloss finish makes the artwork look better.

[Shelley:] Regarding gloss finish for air transfer printing, the cost is different, it requires extra cost as it's more difficult to handle.

3.We need a bit of clarification on the air transfer pricing for bottles and wine cups. Youve listed two prices on your spreadsheet. Which should we use?

[Shelley:] If no need to consider the mold cost, then use the 2nd order price.

4.Can we use one air transfer set up per design, and use it on both the stainless steel bottle and the wine cup?

[Shelley:] Yes, it's possible, we confirmed with our decal supplier this morning, they told us it's possible to use only 1 mold. But need to use the biggest bottle's size, then for small size bottle, they just cut part of decal and make printing. You can check our cola bottle image for reference. The image of wine tumbler is part of image of cola shaped bottle.

5. Does the laser engraving price also include engraving on the side of the bottle and wine cup? [Shelley:] Yes, the price includes bottom 1 position and body 1 position laser engraving logo.

6.Can you clarify timing from receipt of order? Youve noted 30 working days. Does that mean you can complete in one month?

[Shelley:] Yes, if everything goes smooth, you confirm samples fast, and pay the deposit fast, we can finish your 1st order within 1 month. Usually, 30 working days means 6 weeks. But it's our conservative saying in case something delay, actually we can finish it earlier.

7.We understand. Just to confirm, between the 20 days for the mold and 30 days for production, the soonest these could be produced is about 50 days?

[Shelley:] It's possible within 50 days for molding and producing bulk order. If 750ml stainless steel bottle unit price is no problem, we can proceed with molding first. We already sent you CAD drawing with size. With this size, the capacity is 750ml with lid on. If you confirm the bottle shape, then the left thing we will handle it. Within 20 days, the sample for 750ml stainless steel bottle will be finished. During these 20 days, we can continue to discuss the other details for this order. But to save time, the CAD drawing confirmation is the first priority. If we make full time of each step, maybe we can finish the bulk order earlier than 50 days. That all depends.

8.If we send you a physical sample of the art prints, can your team ensure the color matches exactly?

[Shelley:] We don't promise 100% exactly same, actually it's not possible. But we will try to make the printing on bottle or tumbler very close to your physical art prints.

9.For future orders, when we do the solid colors, are you able to do the Stanley hammered powder coating finish?

[Shelley:] Do you mean same surface as you show on your website? If so, we can make same. You can take detail photos for our reference in future. It's perfect if we can receive your sample for reference.

10. Lastly, if there is anything you can do to get the price down a bit, that would be very appreciated. Ideally, wed like to put our beverage orders through you, but we will need to compare to other factorys quotes to ensure that pricing is in line.

[Shelley:] Totally understand your concern. We will support you on 12oz wine tumbler price. For 750ml stainless steel water bottle we will share all the mold cost. 9oz wine tumbler we don't have mold, so we recommend our current 8oz wine tumbler(photo see attached, same shape with 12oz, the logo is by laser engraving) to you. This year we developed a new design for cola shaped bottle with all metal lid, attached photos for your info. If any interest in 8oz wine tumbler and new design cola bottle, please feel free to let us know, we will update you the unit price.

Thank you Shelley. We really appreciate the level of service from you, and your support with pricing as we ramp up production.

[Shelley:] You are welcome. We focus on long term business relationship with you, and we pay high attention on our stainless steel water bottle quality and after-sale service. Trust us, we will be your strong partner.

More cases are being updated. If any customized project on stainless steel water bottle or tumbler and want to make your unique design come true, please don’t hesitate to contact with us immediately at We are ready to assist you and expect to work with you in coming days.

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