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Case Share 6: FAQ for Customized Stainless Steel Insulated Container

Team: Wuyi Jiurui     Date: 14th, Jul. 2020

As we focus on customized stainless steel insulated container, most of our clients will ask some common questions, below is an example for FAQ for your reference.

1.  What is the typical wall thickness of something like the Swell bottle?

[Shelley:] Swell bottle is produced in our city's factory, usually the stainless steel bottle's thickness is inner wall 0.4mm, and outer wall 0.4mm too.

2. Is a 0.6 mm wall  the thinnest we can go and not be too easily dentable?

[Shelley:] Actually we need to test it after molds finished. For inner shell we will test if 0.5mm thickness is ok or not, if not ok, then choose 0.6mm thickness.

For outer shell, we think 0.6mm is ok. But if you want to make this stainless steel container more strong, we can use 0.7mm thickness for outer shell.

With above thickness, the container will bot be too easily dentable, pls don't worry. All customized products, we will test the quality strictly before produce bulk order.

3.  Is the picture below the finish color we can expect for the stainless steel?

[Shelley:] Yes, you are correct. It's the color we call "stainless steel color" which is without any coating on surface.

4. Are there other finishes available? For example, can we get a brushed Stainless Steel appearance?

[Shelley:] Yes, there are different options. You can choose customized color for spray painting or powder coating on this metal container.

Powder coating is more durable and more expensive than spray painting.

When you touch the surface of metal container, you will feel the spary painting is more smooth than powder coating.

5.Can you send us pictures and/ or maybe sample plaques of these finishes? We will pay for shipping

[Shelley:] Yes, sure. Pls see attached photos for different surface finish.

6. Can we paint, or powder coat the metal( like page #2).

[Shelley:] Yes, of course you can.

7. How much more would this cost per unit and what would the MOQ be?

[Shelley:] Usually MOQ is 3000pcs/colorway. Additional cost for spray painting is about $0.4. Additional cost for powder coating is about $0.65. It's a rough cost, the accurate cost will have when we finish the sample.

8. Is there a way we can match the paint of the Polycarbonate lid to match the painted metal?

[Shelley:] Yes, sure. We can match color of PC lid with metal container color. Pls advise your preferable Pantone color No, we will make sample for you after molds finished.

9. On page 3, you can see the preliminary durometers picked out for all the silicone parts. We would like to do 4 colorways. All the silicone will be the same color. What is the MOQ per colorway?

[Shelley:] Yes, we got it. Usually, our silicone supplier's MOQ is 3000pcs/colorway.

More cases are being updated. If any customized project on stainless steel water bottle or tumbler and want to make your unique design come true, please don’t hesitate to contact with us immediately at We are ready to assist you and expect to work with you in coming days.

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