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Salesman for Stainless Steel Bottle: How to Make Balance between Work and Family

Recently, our office is talking about kids education frequently.


I don’t know other parents how to balance work and family. As a 2 kids’ mother, I have no better way to balance work and family. Each time I choose to work, I work wholeheartedly. When I choose to accompany with kids, I put away my mobile phone and play with them wholeheartedly.


As a salesman for stainless steel bottle, every day I keep learning products’ new crafts and industry knowledge. For each order, no matter trial order or sample order, I pay equal attention on it to satisfy buyer’s needs.


As a mother, every day I keep to learn kids education and parenting. I try to accompany with my 2 kids as more time as possible.


It’s a multiple choice question for me. I choose A, then I have to give up B, C, D or more. Each time I only have one option, as my time and energy is limited.


In nowadays society, female plays a multiple roles no matter in job or in family. At work, she is employee, salesman, and leader. In family, she is wife, mother, and daughter. Female faces high pressure and anxiety.


For me, every day routine is listed as below.

6:30am   get up, dress for kids well

7:30am   have breakfast

8:00am   kids go to kindergarten

8:10am   arrive at office and start to work

16:00pm  take kids back from kindergarten and play with them

17:00pm  have dinner

18:00pm  kids watch cartoons

18:40pm  kids playing by themselves

19:30pm  older kid does homework for dancing

20:00pm  reading for kids

20:40pm  accompany kids to sleep

21:00pm  time for myself


After kids sleep, I have time to do my own things. The rest time I work. The first thing I do is to read articles on international sales, next I chat with customers.


As a salesman, it’s right never to stop learning. Our product is stainless steel bottle, insulated tumbler, vacuum mug and aluminum sport bottle. Every day, I’m busy at finding the right buyers who have needs on our stainless steel insulated bottle. I search related buyers on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook to look for potential cooperation chance. No matter enquiries from paid B2B platform or from our company website or from social networking, we pay equal attention and make quick response on each enquiry.


B2B buying is competitive and professional. Equal quality and price, how to win an order from buyers ? Service, good service with quick response and professional solutions. We are working hard to improve our service which includes pre-sale service and after-sale service.


When customers make orders to us, we follow each order and control the stainless steel bottles’ quality by one on one tracking.


We think business is for person to person, just like robot cannot replace kid’s mother when accompany with kid. No matter in kids education or international business, to set up a good relationship is based on mutual trust. How to get trust from your kids or customers ? Show your honesty, kindness and profession.


On parenting and customer development, I never stop learning. I treat them as equal importance, as work makes me reach self-worth, and kids make me love this world.

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